Quick Organization Project

Quick Organization Project

I was getting a bit frustrated when I needed a cleaning item quickly and had to rustle through all the supplies under the sink and in a hall closet. There had to be a better way besides bending, trying to find what you need in the dark of an under the sink cabinet. I think this is a practical way, and certainly provides much quicker access and visual ease of finding a specific item. I did this quick project last weekend, and am happy to report I am a much happier camper. I also bought a second one to hang on the mechanical room door near KBJ’s office for all his computer cords, electrical connectors and miscellaneous computer parts. Mostly they are in boxes, not really easy to grab and go. When I mentioned this to kbj, he loved the idea. I have a label machine and we will label each pocket, more for me than him, but it makes it easier to know if you have the correct computer item, as so many look identical. I will post a photo of that when it is completed. So below are photos and captions for organizing my cleaning supplies.

I bought these at Roses (like a smaller K-Mart) for $6 each.

This is my cleaning closet, which is fairly organized except that the spray bottles etc., are blocking easy access to the boxes, which I would easily be able to just pull down if they weren’t blocked. See the lint rollers on the back wall? Every time I would pull out the vacuum, they would fall, and I would pick them up and put them back for the 1,000th time. No More!

This mess under the sink was a royal pain. I would neaten it up, only to need something in the back I might use just once in a while and mess it all up again just to find that one item. No more! lol

It took less than a minute to put this up. It comes with the over the door hooks. I really like the clear vinyl pockets.

Whoa-La…….all the items used infrequently from under the sink, and the bottles blocking access to the boxes of supplies in the closet and in their own little pocket, including those lint rollers.

I am really liking this arrangement a lot. I was pleasantly surprised that the weight of this did not affect the ease of opening and closing the closet door at all.

I got rid of the old dish drainer and other container (see 3rd photo again if you forgot) , and repurposed this red bin for just metal cleaning items. Now I can just grab the entire box, or just one item because it is visible and accessible. The watering can for the kitchen plants now has it’s own resting place.

ON this side is my dishwasher soap and stove cleaner. So easy now. All this and from the other side I rested on a boot/show tray ($4@Lowes). All the space in the back will remain empty space. Too hard to access anyway.

Tidy, which makes me happy.

No more anything falling out when I open the doors, but better yet, I can just reach and grab…….so easy-peasy! Happy organizing.

I don’t know about you, but I can go about vacuuming and cleaning much happier when it is made easier by having my supplies at the ready. This inexpensive and easy project was actually enjoyable. Well I hope all of you, my dear readers, are safe after the severe storms that have passed over a large part of the midwest and eastern US. We are so soggy from weeks and weeks of lots of rain. Fortunately no major damage, and for that I am grateful. I hope you all enjoy Father’s Day on Sunday with your family. I will be heading to NC for a couple of days to put together a study-office, so hoping the weather moderates a bit for the travel. I look forward to sharing a before and after with their permission. Laters, charisse




  1. Victoria Moores

    Very Helpful, Charisse. I love the shoe bag. The boot/shoe tray is a grand idea as well. All looks very tidy indeed!!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Victoria Moores

  2. Margaret Murray

    Guess what I just added to my shopping list. Great idea. I can just see all those things toppling in my closet, too. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. The over the door bag is a great idea, Charisse!

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