A Day with a Friend

A Day with a Friend

My friend Kim and I both share a love of all things garden, so we planned a trip to a wonderful nursery on the other side of the mountain that she introduced me to several years ago. I also wanted to take her to lunch to celebrate her birthday. Of course, the day dawned damp and foggy, increasing to rain by the time we left. It did not dampen our spirits, although when we arrived at the restaurant afterwards, I looked particularly like I took a shower in the rain (I did) and that I jumped in a few puddles (I did). The name of the garden center is Milmont Greenhouses in Waynesboro, Virginia. I was looking for plants that I hadn’t been able to find anywhere in Charlottesville. The drive over is through some of the most beautiful countryside in Virginia. I try and take the back roads, because it is so lovely and peaceful a drive. By the time we arrived and I got my wagon and walked through the gate, the sky opened up and I got poured on. I was wet and decided it didn’t matter, I was going to enjoy all the beautiful plants and the mountain views. I found what I was looking for and a few extras, and Kim did as well. We laughed as we each found something prettier than the last plant…..it is a disease, gardening, and we both get a little giddy as we waltz between the aisles and from one greenhouse to the next then back outside again. More rain was not going to spoil our day! Below are a few photos of this wonderful place. It is owned and managed by Mennonites, and they must have the gardening gene, as everything here is always so vibrant and healthy and the people love what they do. We look forward to going back the end of September for their pumpkin festival and plant sale.


These massed plantings greet you at the long driveway entrance right off the highway.

As you pull in to the parking area, this is the view that greets you. It is only a partial view…..more to the left. You can barely see the mountains in the background……..so much haze and dampness. My heart rate has already increased in anticipation of all the flowers!

This is one of the many stone sculptures that greeted you as you walked into the indoor garden center. This was the smallest, at about 10 inches. Mighty cute.

The sound of water from this and the many fountains sets the tone for lowering my heart rate (not!). I love fountains….they add sound, movement, and structure to garden spaces.

I saw the baskets, then this one filled and ready for a picnic. I was hungry, and the Pringles were mighty tempting!

I did like this fountain and another in particular.

I admit it…..I put my hand under the dripping water, happy to let it flow through my fingers…….

These bird bath tops were gorgeous, and reasonable. I was tempted, but I already have 3 birdbaths in my gardens.

This was on the other side of the rack.

I was still being tempted, as I thought one would be beautiful displayed on an easel in the garden where you could enjoy the beautiful detail. They are almost 24 inches across.

This was a child sized rocker and beautifully crafted.

These hanging plants were 50% off and did not look tired at all……..They were so big! The herbs were also on sale and some basil found its way into my cart.

Pretty , yes ?

This is just one of the greenhouses……but first, lets take a peak outside.

Oh my. I decided to go outside….there was only a light mist. All the “globe” plants in front of the entrance shed are mums almost ready to bloom.

Pretty Crepe Myrtles, Mums and other plants tempting you at every turn.

And then I eyed what I was looking for…..the Cleome (the purple plant against the greenhouse) and I grabbed two of them for my cart. They were 50% off and a bargain at $7.50 each. They are big! And the sky opened up again!

Outside the first greenhouse, along the side, are these hanging containers along the entire length of the greenhouse.

All along the fence that surrounds the outside areas are flowers on the fences.

This particular hanging plant was about 5 feet tall.

See the weeping willow all the way at the end of the path? With all the rain this year it is just amazing.

After I got poured on, I decided to head back into the houseplant greenhouse where I got a Jade tree, know as the friendship tree, lucky plant, or money tree. I figured that just maybe I might win some lottery so I can purchase the Georgia Equestrian estate I featured last week. Of course, I still haven’t bought a ticket.

Here you really notice how foggy it is and the low clouds at the bottom of the mountain. And it is still raining.

So back inside, in greenhouse 3 I spotted this unique fountain. The water cascades down the glass inserts on all four sides. Very pretty.

My friend Kim needed a couple of pots for a couple of the plants she purchased, so when it stopped raining we headed back outside to the pottery area. Then we headed back inside to finish up and pay for our purchases. We pretty much filled up my van.

From the parking lot looking back as we were leaving was a cloud filled valley and some pasture cows and lone horse.

They seemed content to enjoy the cooler than expected temperatures….it was barely 80.

As we exited there was another huge hanging basket.

This home was next to the entrance and the entire length of its fence was covered in flowers.

This blue green Deodar Cedar provides a perfect backdrop for the blooming hydrangea. Its weeping form is spectacular.

A little further down the drive, a wider view.

Heading out to lunch.

I spotted these boulders. By now you know I am crazy for boulders in the garden. Love the moss……

Texture, color and profuse blooms packed into every bed lining the long driveway

The white pines add a lot to this planting area.

Aren’t the varigated color of some of  the leaves interesting?

The Crepe Myrtles are at their peak now.

Just before we exited onto the highway, I caught glimpse of this low rock wall they were building along the highway.

This was at the restaurant next to a planting of several birch trees. Love it.

Also at the restaurant, I noticed how they used larger rocks as mulch and edging. In front it looks like a dry stream bed.

Here a beautiful Japanese Maple, lirope and pale pink shrub rose really looked at their prime.


After a wonderful lunch at Kim’s favorite Mexcian restaurant here in the valley, we stopped at Home Depot next door to pick up a few odd and end things each of us needed for garden and home projects, and then we headed back to Charlottesville after a fun morning and afternoon. I dropped Kim off at her house, we unloaded her plants, and we enjoyed a warm cup of English tea that her sister brought over with her from a recent visit. Great day with a wonderful friend. I arrived home excited to plant, but it will have to wait until tomorrow. Thank you for stopping by.   Laters,  charisse


  1. Wow. I will have to google this as we go to NY for a trip in early October and maybe it’s not too far off the beaten path…
    the birdbaths are incredible! Thanks for sharing a special day..sorry it wasn’t sunny

    • Oh, it wasn’t sunny, just rain and more rain, but a fun day anyhow! Right now they have thousands of huge Mums ready to burst into bloom. Fall is in the air!

  2. Oh how I wish I was with you, rain and all! That’s my favorite way of spending the day, immersed in flowers, pottery and fountains. I have 2 fountains in my back yard, one by my front door and one in my house. When I sit in my screen room I can lost go into a trance just listening to the sounds of the water. I had a neighbor tell me when she walks by my house her blood pressure goes way down, just listening to the sounds. My birds love one of the fountains. They like to put their little bummies over the bubbling water. It’s a riot to watch. When I see garden centers such as this I wish my yard was 10 times bigger. What a wonderful day you both had,

    • I would have loved sharing a day like this with you! Water is so soothing. This year with all the rain I did not connect my two water fountains at all. One needs some repair work, so when it cools off I will get that done. You need to video those birds getting their bums wet!

  3. Awesome blogg the photos really do the garden center justice awesome day my friend! Huge Thankyou…….x

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