New life is all around me……..

New life is all around me……..


As I drive around the beautiful Virginia and North Carolina countryside, and also walk on my own land, I observe new life everywhere. I just want to soak it all in. Awareness, deep, penetrating awareness. In spring everything seems charged –  for the sky is bluer, the clouds whiter, dancing by faster and faster pushed by strong spring winds, and I feel the earth tremble with possibilities. There are times when one is compelled to stop and breathe in more deeply, our senses immensely heightened, and our mere existence seemingly more profound; and the rediscovery that life is incredibly wondrous and delicious. Today was one of those days.

Just minutes old…..welcome to the world.
















Landseer Newfoundland puppy.

Hope you are able to get out and enjoy all that is new around you, even if just for a moment. Thank you for reading. Laters, charisse



  1. Thanks Carole. The puppy was a Butler puppy from a few years back.

  2. Carole Moores

    Can I have the puppy? Beautiful pictures and wonderful writing that makes one feel they are right there.

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