A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

I would like to share this short video with you that was sent to me by my cousin. Today is supposedly the saddest/saddest day of the year (according to a British study of Tweets), with people returning to work, school, realizing that they perhaps took on too much Christmas debt, already failed New Year’s resolutions. Maybe this video will most certainly make you smile, and perhaps even bring a tear to your eye. here for your viewing pleasure……and some winter fun after that.

I have had several emails asking whether Sutton found a home. I am happy to report is is now living in PA with his new family which includes two other Bearded Collie pals. The photo below shows Sutton front and center, relaxing with Carter and Whitley the night before he left for his new home.

Also during the holiday a stray ended up in a shelter and to the rescue came Laurie down in NC. Laurie and her husband recently lost their beloved Mosby, but had decided that their remaining two dogs and cat would be ok as a threesome. They were fostering this stray just for the holidays until he returned to his original foster home, but guess what happened on the way to the holidays? He is staying for good. A perfect gentleman, the “girls” have accepted him. They will be addressing some medical issues soon and then he will be back to enjoying an incredible life with Laurie and her husband. Below are a couple of photos of the new family. Lucky boy, who now answers to the name Koda, which means “friend”. “Koda” , center,with his two sisters.

“Shay”, the shaggy in the front, is also a rescue. “Bean” is the adorable terrier in the back.

While we’re at it, seems many of us are in an arctic freeze, including here in  Virginia. As they  might say, given snow, make something lovely. Also, it seems, go big or go home….wow! What happened to “Frosty”.

I hope you all have a good week…..blue Monday be gone! Thanks for stopping by.   Laters, charisse


  1. Oh What Fun this was!!! Pianos, puppies and piles of snow and ice- perfectly transformed into breathtaking sculptures!
    Now I want a baby grand, a Shaggy baby and enough snow to go out and build a 6 ft. snowman; that’s my speed. I love the art!! It is so hard to believe anyone can accomplish such.

    Always in Awe!
    Thanks again,

    • I love the piano, especially jazz piano. I have always wanted a baby grand, especially one of the ones that will play programed music. This one was amazing. I still haven’t figured out how it knew how to accompany the person playing. The reactions were magical, and maybe it’s best to keep it that way.

  2. Those ice sculptures are amazing!! Thanks for all the rescue work you do it has been a pleasure to have your hand in each one. And thanks for sharing our very loved shaggy family!! ( and they don’t mind the cold one bit!

  3. In the deep freeze in georgiaof all places and now have no heat and not sure Shen heating guy will get here, so the piano video really put a smile on my face. Fireplace going, long johns on and a newfy to cuddle with on the couch. 2014 starts with a bang.

    • So sorry to hear you don’t have heat……hope it gets repaired soon. Glad that the video made you smile. We can all use a bit of happy in this kind of weather.

  4. Wow!

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