White in Stockholm, Sweden

White in Stockholm, Sweden


White… is not a mere absence of colour; it is a shining and affirmative thing, as fierce as red, as definite as black… “        Gilbert K. Chesterton

 Doing some web research I came across this attic apartment near the water in Stockholm, Sweden. Following up on the post on white decor (here if you missed it), I thought it might be nice to look at a modern, but warm approach to an all white decorating. I have long had a fascination for Swedish decor and a wish for visiting Sweden. This particular apartment incorporates many really interesting design approaches. Without them, this apartment would not look as bright nor as inviting as it is.
I love this photo for several reasons: the view reads as luminous, it is covered in white yet says welcome, and the choice of materials. The floor is exquisite, with a warm tone and patterning that provides interest without being too much. Notice the bedroom through the door to the right. The use of a crystal chandelier like this one that hangs over the dining room table is repeated in several locations throughout the apartment.

                          The wood countertops add additional warmth as do wood accents (hutch, candle bases off to the right).

                        The use of stainless steels, glass and a few bold black accents keep it easy on the eye. The effect is sleek and chic.

Here a white area carpet under the wood table, and a small wood hutch continue to add to the overall sophisticated yet casual look. The
bar chairs have stained wood legs and a wood ladder leans against the wall for interest. Notice the glass ceiling!

                             The red exterior paint on the windows inspired the muted dark colors of the pillows used throughout.

                                             A view from the above window out to the large courtyard park. The water is not far away.


There is a fireplace on the left wall, black wrought iron candlesticks under the oversized clock, and red,white and blue art on the             bedroom wall.


There is actually room for a narrow island in this kitchen if needed. I like that there are deep drawers across the bottom cabinets, much more efficient for storage.


This is the downstairs bedroom in the two above photos. Actually quite spacious. I have the urge to add a folded quilt to the bottom of the bed for a bit more texture, and perhaps a small rug at the end of the bed….a white one like under the dining table, for warmth in winter more than anything else. In the closets, visible above, mirrors and frosted glass reflect the light from the window.

The use of light enclosed in a shallow alcove under the window adds not just light, but interest, and actually visually expands the size of the window. Remember, they used this technique under the counter by the bar stools in the kitchen.

The antique beams add dimension, interest, color and texture, as do the counters. I like the small chandelier above the tub, similar to the one over the dining room table.


Those beams are really lovely. I would have preferred a bit larger shower considering that it appears the bathroom could have handled it.

Love how the light just pours from above into the interior of the apartment. Besides adequate pot lights, there are lights under the counter  that casts additional light into the foyer.

They also placed lights in the alcove under the window. Although this office space is all white, it is a warm place to come into because of the accents…..the large white lantern, the leather magazine holder next to the desk, the whicker, hutch and art, all in the same warm wood tones. The eye has a chance to rest instead of darting around if there were pops of different colors all around. Good lesson here.

Glass doors assist in keeping the space bright, but also provide sound privacy while keeping the space looking open and expansive. The leather and wood accents and the white chair in the corner are perfect details. Add the tripod lamp, and textured textiles ….lovely. I love the sky windows, and the chance to look at the stars at night.

From this angle we can see the glass floor that accepts all the light that pours through from the sky windows. Another crystal chandelier adds the right amount of glitz to the TV room.

While not a huge space, it feels much larger because of the glass and light. I like that the sofa even rests on the glass. Although I think it would take some getting used to, I like the idea of glass in the floors, although I might have to spend time chasing dust bunnies because of the dogs, although perhaps there is a vacuum system built in that you turn on and it sucks them all away! I take off my shoes in my house, so scratches from shoes and grit would be minimal.

It would be difficult to ignore the pleas of anyone trying to get your attention from below. In reverse, it would be easy to keep tabs on the goings on from above as well.

The apartment includes an elevator as well as a staircase.


Well, I think that this is white done well. What do you think? If you are moving to Stockholm soon, this apartment is available for a bit more than a million US dollars. On another note, Yesterday was low 70’s. Today it is in the 40’s, gray and raining. We are waiting the possibility of a nor’easter . The daffodils and crocus are up, the leaves are pushing through the bud stage, knowing that the snow has to end sometime. When is sometime?……I dunno, and will not venture a guess. I hope you have a nice Sunday, the first one of spring. Laters,  charisse

PS I hope that if you follow NCAA basketball that your team is still in it. Syracuse failed me again in a horribly played game (the broadcasters called it painful to watch) with missed shot after shot from both sides and a very low scoring game, and “Cuse biting the dust. I would love to see Wichita State remain undefeated and go all the way. That is a difficult thing to do!!!


  1. Only One Million!!! LOL It is fascinating to see where and how other folks live. Love the chandeliers and the gigantic white lantern. Hardwoods are always nice. I agree with you on the shower issue. I love a large shower! The bed could definitely use a throw and a rug for the floor. What happens if you wear a dress while walking around on the second floor???? 🙂
    The stairs make a nice statement and who wouldn’t love an elevator in their home!

    What’s up with this “winter thing” anyway? Late March and temps in the 30’s! Sunny and cold in Asheville.
    Saturday was a sit-outside-and-drink-tea-kind-of-day tho. Happy yellow blooms on our forsythia bushes now. Yeah!!!!
    Quince bushes are right behind them. Winter Honeysuckle bush is showing off a bit. Smells yummy.

    Happy Monday!!

  2. Looks a lot different from the late 70’s when I lived there, it was very grey everywhere in the city, but it’s a fantastic place to visit, the archipelago region out side Stockholm is beautiful…..I remember visiting the first Ikea Christmas ’79 wow! long time ago….off to get some work done before the snow!!! This is for the bears……

    • I have been surprised as I read more on design and architecture in Sweden, especially around Stockholm, how much color there is. I find that they use color beautifully however……rarely overdone. I look forward to visiting and also seeing how the light is there.

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