What Kind of Bookcase is That?

What Kind of Bookcase is That?

I am usually short on bookcase space. Although I have a large dedicated library, I have to have a bookcase in just about every room in the house. I had to make a deal with myself a few years back that if one book came in, another had to leave, and that was after I really purged, about 300 books worth. On a side note, unfortunately, one of the books that went in a box to the Charlottesville library book sale was The Godfather. What say you, no big deal. Well, it was. It was a first edition, signed by the author and worth several thousand dollars!! Who would have thunk? Now I check every book I think about giving away before I make that mistake again. I could have bought a whole lot of books with that money.

So, with that said and done, I obviously love a bit of whimsy, and although I plan on posting on the more practical aspects of bookcases, from what kind, to how to decorate them, I came across these fun examples in my research, so I thought I would do a post on them first to keep from crying again over Mario Puzo and a now someone else’s expensive book.

Certainly a fun way for a library to attract children to books. In your home you could use one initial from your name.

Remember above how I promised my self, one book in, one book out. I could use this as a reminder…….

I really liked these used in a grouping. You could have a lot of fun with color, either on the bookcase itself or with the book covers.

Many of the bookcase I am presenting are whimsy and that’s about it. But there are a few that work as art, whimsy and really do provide book space.

This is one I just love and would use in a guest bedroom.

So simple. I am thinking of doing something similar out in the garden house where I would put a few garden catalogs on it. I have a couple of felt birds on shelves out there right now, but they would look nice sitting on the limbs. Putting it on the list “to do” now.

I know this isn’t anything way out there, but you don’t see them used much, yet it provides a wonderful space for storing magazines and you don’t have to crane your neck to read the titles.

I like this, as I could see it used in either a traditional or modern space. It would be super in a loft setting as well.

Here is a similar one, decorated with both books and accessories.

This photo gives you a better idea as to its size. It is a substantial piece and could hold a fair amount of books.

Fun, fun……mix and match colors. I might even do something with the back….contrasting paint, maybe in polka dots for a childs room, or maybe wallpaper in a geometric, or fabric.

This may hold a few books, but what a woodworker the person is who made this. Such a conversation piece,

I thought this wonderfully creative. And I actually would do this if I were a musician to store my music books in.

simple, inexpensive and very cool vibe….

I can’t imagine anything cuter for a child’s room.

I really like this, but the way people crane their necks to read book titles, the cubicles should be slanted in the other direction. Still very nice effect.

People that design things like this have my admiration. It’s fun, it functional, and depending of how to use color organization with the book covers, it can look like a pinwheel, a flower, etc.

Sculptural and beautiful. I don’t care how many books it can hold.

Another fun piece. But what I really want to know is how that gal got up there.

This is industrial design at its best. Functional, with a sculptural vibe.

This is one of my favorites. Forget window molding here!

The entire room is interesting with color blocked walls, a wonderful hanging light fixture and who could resist curling up in that hanging basket for a good read or a nap?

OK, a little weird, but heh, even morticians recycle.

I like how this huge column of books seems to float above the floor. Great design.

I can imagine using this in many ways…..a kids room, a bathroom in front of a window, painting it among others. Great in a nautical room…maybe attach some rope to the front of each circle

In multiples they certainly create a sense of arrival to something fun……a good book.

such a large impact with a beautifully crafted cut-out attached to a standard bookcase.

I like these and have thought about doing this in my next library in my next house. Easier to read titles. I know I have said this before, but when you use your books all the time, it matters.

Same arrangement different decor…..traditional versus modern. Works in both.

Even as an adult, I still would love to have a secret room like I had in a house we lived in growing up. But this one would be a bookcase door where I could pick up a book, and go inside a wonderful little room, all mine, and disappear into a Lady Cave, all mine, nobody else’s. Yes gentlemen, woman want their own cave also.

And if I can’t have that, then I will settle for a good book next to one of my favorite lakes in New York. And all is then right in my world.

Have a great weekend. Heading to NC for the weekend. Thanks my wonderful readers. Laters, charisse


  1. Margaret Murray

    I’m definitely sharing this with my artistic-with-furniture nephew. Thanks. Love so many of them.

  2. Nothing like a bookshelf to inspire summer reading! Have a great trip, thanks for all the fun blogging ideas!

  3. Victoria Moores

    I have never seen bookshelves like these! Wow
    Pretty cool. Although I am more of a Michael Amini fan, I appreciate a variety of art. Thx for sharing.

    Have a great trip.

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