What Does Your Living Room Say About You?

What Does Your Living Room Say About You?

Today’s I have a guest post by Loren Thorburn. Loren lives and works in Wales in the British Isles and loves to go walking, climbing, and enjoys reading. She shares her living space with her two cats named Salad and Crouton.


Stylish Living Rooms – What Does Your Living Room Say About You?

Home styling tips are great and everything, it’s nice to have some new ideas for styling up your living space in new and quirky ways… But every home (and its owner) is different and style tips that work for one person may not work for another.

Figuring out your personal style is the first step to embracing it and learning to make the most of your living space in a way that suits you. So rather than talking about change, let’s have a look at what your current home set-up says about you!

Clean, Natural, Wholesome

This living room is a part of the National Historic Site, Gettysburg, PA

If you like to keep things feeling naturally stylish and you’re not a big fan of garish colours or over the top statement pieces, this might be the style for you. You know that your style is natural if:


  • You like to stick with earth colours like light brown and beige tones
  • You prize soft lines, your sofas are comfy and look cozy and warm
  • You avoid bold lines and edges or anything that stands out

This style isn’t boring, but it is subdued. You are most probably a laid back person and you like to feel comfortable, warm and relaxed. You certainly don’t have to be old fashioned to appreciate a natural style, but ultra-modern isn’t your thing either (that would feel far too cold and clinical).

Our Advice:
You don’t need bold colours to add interest, but try to layer different materials and different tones of colour and focus on light to make your rooms feel brighter and bigger.

Mooky But Intentional

If you don’t like to commit yourself to one particular style, or even time period, then this might be your style. Does this sound familiar? Note from charisse- I asked Loren if Mooky was a British expression, as I wasn’t familiar with it. She replied not sure of origin, but it means quirky and/or kooky.




  • You like to find interesting items that are one offs
  • You don’t worry too much about matching styles
  • Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t

This particular style is an art and if you get it right your living room can look fun, stunning and totally unique. But if you get it wrong it just doesn’t look good.

Our Advice:
Experiment and have fun, but admit your mistakes and if it doesn’t work, try again. Don’t be too attached to your latest find if it just doesn’t fit.

Modern & Sophisticated

This is perhaps the opposite of the previous style type and if you fit into this category you probably know it already. You may well consider yourself a minimalist and you like to keep it simple and tidy. Main features of this style are:



  • Clean lines and angles
  • Colour is used sparingly to add contrast
  • You hate clutter and untidiness

If this is your style you probably prize order and you’re not interested in quirky or older styles. You have a modern sofa that may be comfortable, but more importantly, looks good.

Our Advice:
This style can work well, although it is hard to make it feel homely. Unfortunately, clutter is a sure way to ruin your style, so keeping a tidy living room is always key.

About The Author
This post was written by Loren who works in the furniture industry in Wales, at sofasofa.co.uk  And if you’re wondering, Loren’s style is definitely Mooky! If any of my readers live in the British Isles, particularly Wales, and are in need of a sofa, sounds like she might be able to assist you in finding the perfect sofa. Thanks Loren!

Well we had a couple of breaks in the rain cycle, but this afternoon thunderstorms. What a summer. Thanks for stopping by! Laters, charisse



  1. I am wildly in love with the fireplace and arched window in the natural room! It was hard for me to see anything else in that room for quite awhile.

    • I agree, the fireplace is beautiful. I believe it is stone as well. The only thing I would do differently in this room is to move the furniture in a bit towards the fireplace, particularly the chair in the left corner, and remove the fan on the floor to the right of the fireplace!

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