Tweaking and Rearranging…..

Tweaking and Rearranging…..

In the library  on the glass and metal library table are some antique books, a wood box, and some decorative objects.



We recently switched around some furniture from the Great Room to the Library and vice-versa. I need change every once in a while. I really like the new furniture arrangement, and will show before and afters in coming posts, as there were other changes made as well. Anyway, back in the library, I dusted everything first, cleaned the glass top, and then went about tweaking two pieces of blue and white Chinese Export Porcelain. I love the Blue and white porcelain, and have collected it for many years. I have very large pieces and smaller ones like these two, scattered all over the house. A common thread I guess. Anyway, for the smaller of the two I took some branches, twisted them together, and  after both nailing and gluing them together, I topped them with a foam ball covered in dried preserved boxwood. Super quick, super easy. I  put some florist foam blocks into a clay pot, stuck the branch in. I then placed this smaller clay pot inside the porcelain, covering the base with spanish moss. I keep a large amount of it in the garden house to use on plants inside and outside. Love the stuff……


On to the taller jug like piece. At Michaels I picked up a package of mixed reeds and grass stems.



I knew they would be too tall, so I cut them down using a pair of poultry shears I keep just for crafts. Because of the way one of the blades is, it is easy to cut anything rounds like the reeds. I have also used a small chop saw for earlier projects where I used bamboo.



I cut these down in stages until I got it to look balanced for the size of the container.



Then I took some more spanish moss and tucked it around the rim.



As soon as I finished it however, and placed it back on the table, I realized that although it looked fine, I didn’t care for the height of it because it would block the face  of someone sitting opposite . Sooooo, like all decorating  blips, we run and get a piece of chocolate, letting it melt in your mouth, when suddenly – new inspiration!  Fortunately it did not take long. I have a lonely otter sitting to the right side of the fireplace, so I tried it there, and whoa-la, it has a home until I decide to change things up again.




Now the mini topiary sits by it’s lonesome, providing shade to my sleeping elephant friend, which was part of my birthday present this year. He’s carved and polished stone, came from England and is very cute! I am liking the result.



Thank you for stopping by today. cheers, charisse








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