They Got Me! and a Client Office Project Part 1

They Got Me! and a Client Office Project Part 1

Yesterday was not one of my luckier days. I was enjoying the cool morning in the gardens, weeding a bit and dividing and moving perennials. I have an old wheelbarrow that is planted in flowers and had a couple of weeds growing in it. I pulled one, but needed to move to the other side to reach the second. I felt an ouchie, and swatted thinking it was a mosquito , and then I felt a lot of really bad ouches,  and now seeing bees swarm after me while I am trying to escape more bees that had a nest in the ground and did not like that I had stepped on their entryway. I had socks on, but guess what? They can sting through socks. OK, a few bee stings (6 to be exact), get over it……except when you are allergic to them. I immediately went into the house removed my shoes, popped a Benadryl, found the epi-pen, and iced the stings. Thankfully I was fine except for very swollen ankles and a whole lot of redness and pain, and then irritating itching. Durn, they are vicious! Soooo, that shot working any more in the garden, as a single Benadryl forced a nap. I hate to kill anything if at all possible, but I couldn’t risk getting stung again, so at sunset I sprayed the nest. Today was a much better day, and again I headed out in the cool of early morning to garden a bit. I really enjoyed listening to the birds and watching the squirrels cavort. Interestingly, as I walked about I noticed that there are few acorns about this fall compared to years where it felt like I was walking on acres of marbles.

Today I would like to share a design project that I completed in NC. I have known the couple for a long time, and was excited when they asked me if I would do BW’s study-office. Surprised also, because the wife, SW, is an accomplished artist, knows color and design, but said she was having trouble getting started. I was staying with them while attending the High Point Furniture Market and they asked my opinion on some options and it led to them seriously wanting me to design a new office. When I wasn’t at Furniture Market I asked them questions about what had to stay in the room, and I latched immediately onto a piece of art work as my inspiration piece. I watched the light in the room while I was there and had a pretty good idea of what color I would suggest. First however, was finding them a desk, and depending on their choice, I would know what direction to go paint color wise. The room is not large, about 12×13 and a lot had to be in the room, including a huge oak antique file cabinet, which could present a challenge. BW also wanted additional storage, a (new?) chair and the TV had to stay. Because of where the closet, double window and the entry door were, the size of the desk was pretty much set…….no office sized desk would work without overwhelming the room. Also, BW wanted the TV to stay in the corner where it was, mainly because the wiring was already there. So lets look at BEFORE:

You walk into the room through a very short hallway and to the left this is what you see.

Moving clockwise, this is the longer wall, and the inspiration art is above the antiques file cabinet which will stay.

Again clockwise, the next wall , and to the right you see the entry door.

Looking from the wall with the antique cabinet, back towards the entry and facing the closet doors. The TV is to the right.

In addition, the flooring was cork, and a deep reddish brown……which had to be taken into consideration when choosing paint color.

This shows a more accurate floor color than above.



I took before photos, measurements of the room, TV & furniture, and headed home after market to first find a desk. I sent them lots of choices that I knew would work. They were all different in style.

This would give BW more storage space, and his computer would still face the window and the TV.

This type and style of desk fit in more with some of the furniture they already have.

The matching file cabinet.

A different color choice.

Matches above.

Another choice. The color of the top would tie in with the antique file cabinet that had to stay in the room.

The hutch that would go above. This might not be the best choice because it would have to go against the wall, and we all thought it would be nicer to float a desk, similar to what he already had done. Plus, remember the TV in the opposite corner. Still, it solves some storage issues.


Totally different than above choices but is almost the same size as the desk he had in the office, so little storage gain.


WHICH ONE DO YOU THINK WE WENT WITH???????  I ordered ten 9″x12″ paint color samples from Sherwin Williams, sent them to her and had her tape them to the wall. She made her pick, and it was my number one choice also. The painter came to give an estimate, and it was a go. SW & BW are fun to work with, because you could present them with options, and they knew if they liked it or not right away, so you were confident as the project moved forward that there would be no change of heart at the last minute on paint choices.

Hope you will come back tomorrow to see the choices that were made and a painted room. Thanks for stopping by.  Laters, charisse


  1. That room was really ugly to begin with, wasn’t it…..looks staged to me. No one could really have taste that bad…….or could they. Boy, those people need a lot of help……in more ways than one. It is a good thing that you came to the rescue. Okay folks, that was my room and I shall remain anonymous……pretty embarrassing to admit to residing in that room, right? But, alas, Charisse to the rescue. Keep following this to see the end result. Fabulous, I love it and spend most of my time in here too. My wife likes that part the best! Well, must leave this beautiful and comfortable setting to go with my wife…….she works out you know!!!

    Love you C……see you in October.


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