The Power of White Decor

The Power of White Decor

With the myriad of colors available, why white? White – the ideal background for fine art, for architectural accent both interior and exterior. It is unique in that it does not compete with any other color. It can be either the star or the supporting actor. Anything that sits next to it will be comfortable. White can alter itself depending on the changing light in the room. Whites have personality, from warm to cool, from vibrant to sharp edged, from traditional and gracious to young and modern.

 ” For those colors which you wish to be beautiful, always first prepare a pure white ground.”                                                                                                                                                                                        Leonardo Da Vince


                            From Vintage, Classic & Traditional…..

Vintage Morgan source

    To Modern, Sleek, & Edgy….

                         From Fabrics & Textiles……

                       To Fashion…..

    and Everyday Items…..

    and on animals……

White is everywhere. 

Offering white rooms for inspiration, enjoyment or contemplation……..the rooms I feature here have white walls, furniture and in many cases, white textiles. There are a few that have a punch of color, but limitedly. This approach differs from rooms with white walls, but bold or dramatic furniture, art and textiles. I will do a post on that  soon. I also did not do white kitchens, but will post that separately as well. I hope you enjoy.

I really love this room …….perfectly balanced with whites, metallics and texture. source

What do you think? Do you like all white? There are many  designers and color consultants that feel this is the only way to go, particularly in kitchens and baths. I like it, but have  an eclectic approach to design, and feel it may not be everybodies cup ‘o tea. You have heard me say this in many of my posts, and it is one of the reasons I blog… and decor should reflect your joys, interests and own personal style. It should reflect you authentically. Although you may need the assistance of a designer at times in putting together a cohesive approach to achieving this, it should always remain your end goal.

The first day of spring……and the sun came out!!!!   Thanks for stopping by.   Laters, charisse




  1. Ahhh…be still my heart. Nothing more spa-like, serene, refreshing or livable for me than white on white. Once upon a time we had a house in the Hamptons that was all white and always perfect…. but I became compulsive…. Every crumb that fell from a guest’s plate was noticed and I had all I could do to stop myself from sweeping it up immediately….but I was cured by dogs! …when muddy paws and drippy beards and furballs make a perfect home impossible…but they’re always forgiven…
    Thanks for a wonderful memory!

    • A house in the Hamptons…..other than Cape Cod and the traffic in both places, they both are such beautiful places to vacation or even live full time. It is sad however, that so much farm land is being eaten up by development. Anyway, white is easier to live with than many think as long as you avoid all white on the floors!

  2. I love the Vintage Morgan, (also my maiden name,) and the “Rastafarian” puppy, too cute!! Many of these rooms are uniquely lovely. I particularly like the room with the white on white wall paper, the gorgeous fire place screen, the snowflake chandelier, and the double door entry. I could so take a relaxing nap in that room! For me, white displays well with lots of texture. Several of these rooms had beautiful crystal chandeliers which add that special WoW factor for me. Other examples of texture that caught my eyes and kept them moving are: the white lanterns, fur rugs, ornate mirrors (like the one in the room with the simple white tub,) the white paneled room, the tufted ottoman, the fringed tablecloth and the slip cover chairs with the milk-glass type serving pieces in the hutch, the chandelier medallion in the ceiling of the room that has the horse on the mantel (I love the dark hardwood entry flooring to that room,) and the tufted fabric headboard in one room. Without these creative touches of texture, all white can be so sterile. The tone stirs up such warm emotions for me when I think about my favorite “whites:” Christening gown, wedding gown, snowy forests, bunnies, lace, satin, white fur, nurses uniform, marshmallows, white tablecloth in a French restaurant, my shiny white Easter shoes when I was a child, clouds, coconut cake, white candles, daisies, ocean foam……… So, a white room for me can be so soothing, peaceful, comforting especially with an added fountain or waterfall in the corner; lots of white candles as well.
    I think my favorite use of white in a home would be in a baby’s room with lots of lace and satin, high ceilings, white paneled walls, fur rugs,etc. Your favorite room, Charisse, is another of my likes. The powder peach pillows, the chandelier and the mirrors are all dreamy pieces in that room.
    Another fun tour of homes for me! Thank you for your time and expertise!!
    Happy Spring!

    • I should have hired you as my editor! I debated whether I should, on this post make comments below the photos like I usually do, but decided that this was one of those posts where my readers would really have to look and would feel, and then get a feel if certain white rooms were for them or not. Your comments were exactly what I was hoping would happen……readers looking at the layers in a room, if the room had them at all, and what makes one white room work over another. I have received several private emails from readers with comments similar to your own. White is an extremely interesting “color” to work with, and challenging. I had a client once who was expecting a first baby, and gave me free reign to design the nursery with the only request….that it be entirely white! They did not know the sex of the baby and did not want to see the room until it was done… was the most challenging and difficult room I have ever done. Only good part was there was no budget!

      • I would love to have seen the room that you created! In fact, I would love to see photos of many Charisse Spaces! Yes, this was lots of fun. I learn so much by reading and participating!

        • Thanks. I plan on sharing some of the projects I have more recently worked on. Before digital photos I really did not photograph many projects, and if I did, they are not the quality of photos I like. Bummer, because I would really like to have those projects to share now.

  3. Margaret Murray

    I love the one that actually doesn’t look like white-white, but a slightly off white with the old cabinet with linens displayed and the old doll house on top of the cabinet. That one made me feel good, although I felt something was called for over the fireplace. The others would be hard to live with on a day-to-day for me, although many are extremely attractive.

    • That room was a good example of layering all different shades of white. I liked it also and agree that it needed something over the fireplace, and preferably not a TV!

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