The Office Reveal

The Office Reveal

Time to take a final look at the office I recently designed for a North Carolina couple. If you missed the earlier posts with before photos, click here (part 1) and here for part 2. Yesterday in part two I shared a peak at the new paint job. Scott from Still Perfection Painting Company did the painting and I was quite impressed. He showed up on time, and was in and out in a matter of a couple of hours, and did a terrific job. So much so that I looked forward to working with him again (and in fact I already have). I didn’t share a lot of photos of the room with the new paint because the new area carpet was on the floor and I kind of wanted to show that with the full reveal. So here we go. First some more of the room with new paint. We ordered a carpet from Ballards, and while it was lovely, and the color online appeared to be perfect for the room, but when it arrived, it wasn’t even close to the presented color. BW & SW decided to use it on their enclosed porch and it looks great there. That left us without a rug. Fortunately, when they were at a place I love in Greensboro, called Garden Ridge, they found the perfect rug, and I mean perfect. They sent an iphone photo and I agreed it was the perfect stroke of luck to have found not just pattern and color, but the size. Home it came and you can see it below.

I was so happy that a rug was found so quickly, as trying to shop around for one can take some time, and would have postponed putting the room together.

Here is the window before the pelmet was added, with the new TV stand that will go in that corner.

Remember the BEFORE:

I worked on various floor plans at home but because of the placement of power and cable outlets and switches and the doors and the double window, and because BW preferred to float the desk, my options were pretty limited. For a brief time we considered putting the antique oak cabinet in the closet, taking off the doors, but BW keeps his seasonal clothes there, so that would have left them needing storage for them. In the end it worked out, and we purchased the new TV stand and a file/cabinet stand for behind the desk where he could place the copier. The room needed additional and better lighting, and we were able to do this as well.

First we placed the desk. The lovely statue on the right of an Afghan Hound was a surprise gift to me from SW & BW. It has a place of honor in my home, and reminds me of what fun I had working with them on this project.

BW agreed with his wife and me that the recliner in the room previously had to go. First, it was too big, and second, it had to go!!! I found what I thought to be the perfect recliner by La-Z-Boy. It was the perfect size and offered many leather and fabric choices. Wouldn’t you know………although it was advertised still, and with Brooke Shields sitting in it I might add, when they got to the store to try it out, they had discontinued it! Grrrrr. It was in their on-line catalog, so I felt baited and switched!

This was the recliner chair I suggested, but was no longer available.

They saw this one, but I wasn’t wild about it, even with different fabric options. I felt it wasn’t masculine enough, and I thought we could do better price wise.

I sent them over to Furnitureland South in High Point, NC., and put them in contact with a design rep there that I have worked with a lot. I was on the phone with them as well. Lo and behold, in the outlet we found this chair, and it was perfect. Initially when I suggested white, and/or possibly leather they were reluctant, but this recliner was comfortable and on sale. Sold! Unfortunately it couldn’t be delivered by the next weekend when I was to come and put the room together, but we went ahead and put the room together without the chair. First we all went shopping at Pottery Barn and a few other places to select a few more items to include in the room, like a shelf, and lighting, and frames. Another fun day. Here is the chair, in white leather and it looks terrific in the finished room.

This is the fan we decided on. KBJ & BW put it up so we could now place all the furniture permanently, and decorate. The original fan was plain white, without a light, and while functional, it really did not fit the style of the room. This fan also provides some overhead light.

A nice industrial vibe. The scale & size was perfect.


BW trying out the new desk. His wife and I had to shoo him from the room while we both put it together. We wanted it to be a surprise for him, but he was comfortable already.

This was the art that first inspired my approach for the office, especially the colors, and the ability to mix antiques with an industrial look.

One last before………

And the New Office……

I suggested to SW that we put black labels in the drawer pulls, and she patiently cut and put them in. Made a nice difference.



The pelmet has been added and finishes off the window. It is mounted above the top of the window and gives the illusion of a bit taller window.

BW can look outside, or watch the TV.

A floating shelf holds favorite photos and memories. the industrial shelving unit easily holds his printer, an industrial light fixture from Pottery Barn, as well as supplies.

The light is fully functional and looks vintage as well. The Bull Terrier is part of an extensive collection of dog art.

The floor light is also from Pottery Barn, and just belongs in the corner. BW can easily turn it on or off from his recliner as it has a switch by the arm of his chair and is on a dimmer as well. Looks really nice at night.

You can see the dimmer switch on the table.

This table is very heavy for it’s size, so is quite stable. All that was needed was something to hold a drink, a TV remote and the dimmer switch.

Some of the mercury glass we shopped for…….

This clock is to the left of the closet doors.

This desk lamo is also from Pottery Barn. It features a dimmer switch as well.

The office has received the stamp of approval from Bling.

Shortly after we finished the room, BW & SW went to an estate auction and were fortunate enough to win the bid on this beautiful antique box. It is now on top of the antique file cabinet and finishes the room. 

Well, there you have it. I really enjoyed this project. They have now asked me to completely redo their master bedroom and bath and I look forward to sharing that project with you, and working with them again. We sure laughed a lot!!! Thanks for stopping by. Laters,   charisse


  1. Just a note to let you know that I am really enjoying my office. It is like my home away from home. It was a pleasure to work with you on this project and even more fun to work on the one that you have yet to reveal. I can’t wait until your readers see that one. Also, just to let you know, I am keeping this one neat……there are a few papers on the desk, but more in the trash.



    • Thank you! A designer’s best reward is knowing that the client is happy with the new space, and in this case has the additional space needed for storage. I am sure that makes it easier to keep the desk clean now, and I know that Susan is happy with that! You both were terrific to work with.

  2. What a great looking office!

    • I appreciate the positive feedback! It was such a fun project to do and has made a positive difference for the owners. That is what drives me in design projects. Thanks for reading my blog Marlene.

  3. Beautiful job! Well done……

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