Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Thanksgiving is almost upon us. I can hardly believe it! Just in case you are still looking for a few ideas for your table, I have collected some tablescapes that might inspire you a bit. I have also included some suggestions about what to consider when putting together your table decor, such as height of your floral arrangement, candles, and more. The most important thing to remember is to have fun doing it.


Take ye ole pumpkin from halloween and with a quick spray of gold paint, you have made an elegant container for some flowers, while tying it to the gold chargers. Although one doesn’t normally think of black and white for Thanksgiving, the addition of organic elements….the wood, the artichokes, add to the joy of a day that celebrates gratitude with food. Read it

Here is a more neutral approach to a table setting. Rose gold and copper combine with the organic elements to provide a neutral background, letting all the servings of food add additional color. I like how they carried over the decor to the buffet at the end of the table. Source.

Here is another use of the newer pumpkin varieties available, combined to make a really lovely centerpiece. You will still be able to see the person across from you, even though this arrangement is fairly large. I love the contrast between the dark wicker chargers with the centerpiece, the clear crystal and the white tableware. The effect would be quite different with a darker tablecloth, but the fun is in experimenting and choosing what appeals to you. Source




This is a beautiful centerpiece and tablescape. The problem is that many people leave it on the table when serving the meal. I have been to many events, dinners, parties, where a too large centerpiece remains on the table through the entire meal. Now, if the people across from each other are not on speaking terms, then this solves a problem! But really, make your centerpiece as lavish and as large as you wish, but then make room for it nearby, perhaps on a hunt board or buffet, so it can still be enjoyed. Source – Stonegable blogspot via pinterest


thanksgiving tablescape

Although these candles are not on a dinner table, they could be. Simple to put together, and they say Thanksgiving in such a lovely way. Source-HGTV


image from dimplesandtangles...

This tablescape uses black and white, like in the first photo, but in a more casual way. Adding green in both napkins and evergreens, using sisal placemats and pinecones, further adds to an organic approach in a sophisticated way. Source


thanksgiving tablescapes

This is about as easy as it gets, and yet it is quite appealing. Here the candles are grouped, but you could just as easily run the candles down the center of the table with single flower blossoms in between. Change the color of the ribbon depending on your color scheme, or use raffia, burlap, washi tape, or anything your imagination can conceive. Source-HGTV


thnaksgiving tablescape

I like the use of vines to add some texture to the pumpkins. Adding the mini pumpkins at each place setting is a nice touch. Source unknown.



Black and white is always dramatic and especially in this formal setting. I especially like the very fine pattern in the tablecloth underneath the placemats. The copper & silver colored gourd accents provides a beautiful detail. Source-HGTV Visit

I love plaid, and here the colors are very warm and autumnal. When using plaid or almost any pattern, pick out a color in that pattern for napkins rather than using just white. The napkin doesn’t always have to be folded and placed to the side. Here is one example, but again, have fun and try different ways. Guests really do notice and appreciate the effort. Source



The colors here are very much autumn, and the table looks amazing. However, the grouping of candles and the quite large vase of mums are too oversized. It will really minimize the flow of conversation. I like that in addition to the mini pumpkins is a ring of a berry vine around each one. Adds an additional layer of texture. I also like how instead of placemats or a single tablecloth, a runner was used crossways for each pair of settings. If you do this, think about alternating by using two colors, say a light and a dark. Then for napkins use the light napkin on the dark runner, and the dark napkin on the light runner.  Source on photo above.



Here is a closer look at the above table setting. Also be aware of the fragrance of whatever you use for live arrangements, and if your candles have a scent, so as not to overpower the delicious scent of the meal.



I really, really like this thoughtful setting. The centerpiece is placed in-between the place settings so that there is no blocking of opposite sides of the table, yet it is large enough (just right) for all to enjoy. The candlesticks are also narrow and high and off center. Wonderful and thoughtful details… tags in the shape of leaves in each bowl, gratitude script on the napkins; everything says let us celebrate the harvest and our lives. Warm colors, texture, and again, the use of plaid. Source-in photo left corner



Ultra formal. In this example, the center arrangements take center stage. There are no placemats, and the glass table will reflect back into the room the warm glow of the autumn colors.



Now we are at the opposite end of the spectrum- a modern and minimalist approach to a thanksgiving table. Photography by Corrie Hogg of David Stark Design for Remodelista. That’s not a tablecloth—it’s a Quaderna Table by Italian design house Zanotta, designed in 1970 and made of white laminate with a screen-printed grid. The bistro chairs are David’s own, but he suggests similar versions at Serena & Lily. This setting is crisp, modern and appealing.  Source



Earthy, easy to accomplish, warm and inviting.



This setting is adventurous, and lovely, achieved by mixing patterns from the plates and the fabric, tied together by common colors. I see just a hint of patina on a gorgeous table. The addition of the black bamboo completes this setting. Source-original not found



Lots of little details add up to a thoughtful place setting. The knife rest, use of fringed burlap for a placemat, textured and organic choice for a charger, aged silverware. Source- original not found.

I hope you come away with a few ideas to use for either this thanksgiving or perhaps pin them to use in the future. Don’t forget, you can pin these photos to your pinterest boards by hovering over the photo. It is finally cold here, with the last few nights in the high 20’s. I love it. I did the last of my food shopping for the holiday early this morning. Apparently others had the same idea, as it was very crowded. Glad that is done. Just before I sat down to finish this post I remembered that the turkey was still in the freezer and frozen solid! I pulled that bird out and began thawing in a bucket of cold water. I will them put in refrigerator to complete the job, hopefully in time to stuff it. Nothing worse that putting your hand into a frozen turkey. So…..if you haven’t thawed your bird yet……laters, charisse


  1. Good morning, Charisse, I am thankful for your joyful passion in all you do. Wishing ypu, Keith, Carter and Whitley a wonderful Thanksgiving and inspired holiday season.

    • Thank you Laurie! I am looking at Carter & Whitley right now as I write. They for sure will enjoy the holiday with all the trimming added to their dinner. I hope you and Harvey and your sweet companions enjoy it as well. blessing to you and I am grateful for our friendship. charisse

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