Summer’s Last Hurrah

Summer’s Last Hurrah

When I was growing up in the Finger Lakes region of NY, Labor Day was the demarcation weekend between summer and when fall unofficially began. It was the last carefree weekend before school started, and it usually involved friends, a full week, weekend or picnic at the lake, and lots of talk about the coming school year. It was odd because as soon as Labor Day passed, the air changed, not just with daytime and evening temperatures falling, but the crispness was palpable. So began my favorite season.

Here in the south, summer lingers a bit longer, and it is rather more like just a long holiday weekend, an excuse for a short road trip, as the kids have already been back at school for a week or more. Just the same, in whatever way you choose to enjoy an extended weekend, I wish you a good one.


Take that one last dip of summer……..

Come dry off, sit on the dock, fish, read a book or simply savor the last days of summer.

Enjoy lunch, carefree and easy, with friends and family.

After lunch, perhaps meet up with friends and enjoy a sail…….

Come back to the lake house and enjoy a lovely dinner on the porch as the sun begins to fade earlier now.

Start a fire and maybe sit around with a cup of after dinner coffee while the kids catch fireflies…….


As the sun goes down, the lake looks like it is ready for sleep, – calm, silent and mirror like…

the fire is ready, and everyone is drawn to and gathers around it………

ready to enjoy a favorite of young and old alike…….s’mores

Then it’s off to sleep…..soul satisfied…… only time at the lake can do.


  1. Your photos brought back so many wonderful memories for me and the time my family and I spent at Keuka Lake one of the finger lakes that I think is the prettiest. Wish I was there!

    • I so miss summers at the lake. I have enjoyed all the Finger Lakes and Lake Ontario as well. They are jewels in NY. Now the winters???? They are something to mostly forget! LOL.

  2. SIGH. This is wonderful. No water near here but will have to console myself with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s S’Mores ice cream.
    Happy Labor Day weekend and thanks for the visual journey.

  3. Victoria Moores

    Oh how beautiful!! Happy Last Days of Summer to you! I agree it is so different now with school starting so early. I prefer the former.
    These photos r sooo gorgeous. We did not have a lake house but lots of family and good times. Picnics in parks with lakes though. Family on the way up from Georgia today, as a matter of fact.
    Have a happy and safe holiday from Robert and Victoria

  4. I love these pictures of summer at the lake. We live in Texas and it’s wayyy too hot to spend time outdoors. Wish I owned that cabin in your last picture!

    • Hi Sally, Writing this post brought back a flood of “Lake” memories. I really miss summers there a lot. That lake cabin would be perfect for me also! Happy Labor Day Weekend…..

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