Stone, Wood & Glass Creates a Stunning Home.

Stone, Wood & Glass Creates a Stunning Home.

The use of stone, wood and glass creates this vacation home in Aspen Colorado, built as a retreat called Willoughby Way. Built by an architect that I have deep respect for, Charles Cunniffe, this home melds home interiors and its mountain environment wonderfully, offering sweeping mountain views from everywhere in the house. Although clean and contemporary , with tons of light and volume, it does not feel overwhelming, but instead is warm and inviting. With terraces and a pool, this timber and stone beauty sits on it’s site on Red Mountain, offering an escape for its lucky owners. I bet at night from the outside, with lights on, it must be magical, especially when snow is falling.


A view of the back of the house and the pool.

The main entrance from the house to the outside, with a piece of sculpture visible through the porte cochere. Notice how the massive glass door swings open on a level entrance. The architectural interest in the timbered ceiling of the porte cochere is amazing.

View of the main living area.

The main living room, with a stunning stone fireplace. Massive though it is, the scale and proportions are exquisite, with alcoves to the left and right of the fireplace opening, breaking up the massive stone facade, lending scale, symmetry and balance. With massive timbers overhead, it just looks balanced. The fireplace opening is large enough that you can see through to the chairs in the dining room.

A quiet place to read, or watch the skiers in winter……

Views to die for, a wet bar area, again in the same stone repeated in other rooms, and all adjacent to the main living room.

A media area, and boy does it look comfortable. Notice the fireplace that runs underneath the TV screen almost the entire length of the media wall. Turn off the lights, a glass of wine, a good movie….oh my.

In this media room, the views are still visible. Notice the vertical stripes directly under the TV screen and the horizontal stripped carpet, the geometry softened by the curved art on the left wall panels.

WOW! I am not always enamored of many contemporary/modern kitchens, but the clean, modern lines we see here allow for the stunning views to remain the star of the house, complimented by an organic approach to the materials and decor.

Another dining area. This room is lovely, with a roundness and curves in the chairs that echo the same softer peaks of the mountains. The brown color of the carpet alludes to ground or soil, connecting the indoors and outdoors beautifully.

I absolutely love this room. The mass of stone in the two way fireplace, the beams overhead, two massive chandeliers, sweeping views, and yet the scale is such that it feels warm, balanced, and oh so gorgeous. Notice the tall alcove to the left of the fireplace with a light overhead that washes the stone in warmth. A stone arch above the fireplace opening, further breaks the mass into visually beautiful proportion and scale.

Look carefully. Nestled in between the stairs is a glass elevator……beautiful! And oh how I would use it!

A spiral staircase with curved rails, dark stained floors and stair treads look more like a piece of art.

Bright, inviting, and views! At night a fire in the fireplace, snow falling…..romantic, yes? The stone is the same as in the dining and living room. The disappearing corners in the windows allow for unobstructed views.

Unique light fixture, a simple wood fireplace surround of varying widths of stained wood, and the views out the window……

The same stone in another bath. I really like it when the sconces are mounted directly on the mirrors.

classic black and white…….

Here simplicity equals understated elegance.

Can you imagine how beautiful it must look at night?

I hope you enjoyed a tour of this Aspen, Colorado home. In this stunner, neutral plays along with the colors of the stone, timber frame and other woods in perfect harmony, and although modern by design, it creates an inviting warmth despite the grand scale. Thank you for stopping by.  laters, charisse

source  Charles Cunniffe Architects



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