Some Fun Furniture Finds from High Point…..

Some Fun Furniture Finds from High Point…..

There were a couple of furniture lines that always seem spot-on with originality and quality in their furniture and accessories, and GuildMaster is one. Their High Point Market Showroom is one of the most fun to go through……

For those perhaps unfamiliar with what I am calling market, I am referring to the  High Point Market, often called Furniture Market. It is open to the trade only, which includes designers, sellers, buyers and suppliers of furniture, accessories, art, textiles, from all over the world. Some press are allowed, but it is not open to the public, and designers cannot bring clients. Market is held two times a year, in April and October, for 6 days each. There are about 2,000 exhibitors who have showrooms spread out throughout the city of High Point, NC. Buyers and sellers come from the world over. One meets so many interesting people. So as you can see, even with six days, you have to pick and choose what to see. Where is a Segway when I need one? It is amazingly well run, free shuttles to take you from building to building, seminars, and social events galore. I was fortunate. I stayed with dear friends SW & BW and they drove me in style directly to the door of the building I was starting my day in so I did not have to worry about parking. The weather was chilly but sunny, and it never seemed overly crowded, although there are thousands and thousands of people attending. I found a couple of new vendors for textiles that I look forward to working with as well. I took well over a thousand photos, and am still feeling like the camera is glued to my eye!


This bed is a very popular one for GuildMaster, and I can see why. It would do well in many decor styles. Change out the linens, add more texture, color, pattern. With a neutral base you could use so many colors! Notice the painted pieces on both sides of the bed.

Another view of the bed.

This settee is along the same lines of the bed above. Here also, adding similar, maybe smaller pillows, or a pair of neck rolled pillows at each end, with perhaps some french script lettering, or going with heavy texture in whites and creams or maybe fun colors …….love neutrals. The pillow on the right is too large! It hides the lovely tufting on the back.

Isn’t this a fun piece? I saw many of these whimsical chairs. Lots of other lamps and tables surrounding this chair bench……

I found these cabinets and dressers so interesting. First, the drawers are sized asymmetrically , and on this one they used mirrors and pattern. Bling on a casual piece! I also like that it is mounted on an iron stand. As an accent piece, this would fit in a number of places.

I often hear folks say that painted furniture has had it’s day, but with pieces like what they craft, I don’t think anytime soon. Notice the ombre’ paint job on the middle piece. Use one like this as your pop of color in an all white or neutral space. Bedroom, kitchen, dining, porch,…….these can go in any room. If you like Bohemian style big time, then you could fill your home with these! I really smile at the lamp shades…….

Color, and more color. Look at the huge and fun mirror behind the chest.

Fun, fun, fun, and very tall. The largest was close to or over three feet tall. Don’t miss the painted chest right behind and above ……..

Here the doors and drawers are symmetrical, but they used artifacts to decorate each one.

The lamps were heavy and the shades really nice. Cute small end tables or night stands.

Desk, chair and maybe even the lamp would go nicely with the bed…….

The huge floor mirror with the painted finish, the desk and the dresser to the right of the desk all have different paint patterns. I particularly like that the top of the dresser is stained wood. The neck rool pillow on the bench to the left is what I would put on that cute settee.

A couple more chests with the whimsical drawers…….and check out that mirror, back right.

Those mirrors, both right and far left…..Lots to look at in this photo. Aren’t those cut out tables to the left with cool lamps on each one different???? With two different heights, you could also use them to display plants, sculpture, pottery.

These are so versatile……use one, stack them, move them from room to room as a portable bar…..or for toys……in the middle one, all those too tall books that don’t fit on library shelves.

Interesting furniture…… If I remember correctly, the trim skirt on the desk is metal. On the big hutch notice how the arch of the top is mirrored on the bottom, with the exact repeating arch. Love it! The lamp shade far right is so pretty.

For a cabin, or a boys room or a place on a lake, the bed is perfect. The dressers are interesting with the fish, but I probably would use either the dresser or the bedside table, not both, and use a painted piece that picked up either the bedding or the color in one of the oars.

With the glass on the table, candles lit would be lovely. A very versatile piece. The scale of the candle sticks is nice. They have a “weight” to them that fits the table.

I wished I had taken a closeup of the drawer hardware……..and the paint finish looked so soft. I can’t say I am enamored of the chair and lamp table. Have never really cared for the style, but it is a personal preference. Done with a different color-maybe.

I can tell you these, in fact all their decorative pieces were solid and of a substantial weight.

Another of those dressers, but no mirrors. Check out the clock to the back left……..

Tomorrow, I will share photos of some lighting, WOW!!!, accessories, and some more from High Point. I tried to get enough variety for all decorating styles so my wonderful readers might find something they like. Hope you are enjoying……..thank you for stopping by. Laters, charisse



  1. Wow you know how to pick them! Such a beautiful and eclectic collection of goodies!!

    • GuildMaster is sooo much fun to go through, and they always come up with such original pieces. I’ll have some visual treats that will be right up your alley….hint….blue & white! Thanks for stopping by!

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