Rooms With a View

Rooms With a View

At some time we must all have experienced “Calgon, take me away moments.” I remember as a very little girl my Mother, in her best dramatic way used this expression, and me having no idea who “Calgon” was. I once asked if I could meet Mr. Calgon after a particularly difficult Calgon moment. She answered me with “the look”, which was usually followed by the soft but knowing she meant business reciting of my entire name… know, first middle, nickname and last. We all need a respite, whether at home or away. Today I have rooms, that if you insert your imagination into them for a few minutes, you might feel that all good things can happen in this moment.


When I first saw this photo I felt a little bit sad. Here she is, on her balcony with a glass of wine, yet she is working on the computer and answering her phone. She may be lucky enough to experience this view every day, but if she just sat there and enjoyed her wine with the person who took the photo, she might just see the view with new eyes. Everyone should have a technology free zone, or at least a period of time that it is shut off. Confucius says “everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

Ahhhh, no technology in sight……..


Imagine opening these beautiful rustic heavy doors to the early morning mist, taking a moment to soak it in, ready to start your day with appreciation.

This is one of my favorite decor photos. First, I love Paris, I love this room, and I love the Eiffel Tower reflected from across the room. Double the view!

Can you imagine the sunrises or sunsets from this outlook?

If the remnants of this room could talk, oh the stories. If I was hiking and came upon this, I would lean on the window and dream…….

This camper takes his room with him, setting up in prime spots, the tent framing his mountain view.

Quite simply, I would never get out of the tub. At night this must be breathtaking. Isn’t it funny though how, when you look out, while you were naked and ready for the bath, you might feel like the entire city can see you, yet from the outside you would be a speck of sand?

This view intrigued me. There is some sunlight, yet the feeling is kind of imposing and also a bit somber, yet nonetheless, quite powerful. It certainly illustrates the strong influence of color and light.

Yes, I could wake up here every morning……..

If vineyards conjure up your notion of ideal views, then this should welcome you. I love the infinity pool just beyond the patio ……

The Asian influenced decor bespeaks serenity. The seating arrangements encourage gazing out to sea and truly just enjoying the view.

The moodiness of the sky over a glass smooth ocean is an invitation to observe the shifting panorama.

I am a huge fan of door/windows that can open an entire wall to the landscape beyond. And to this view? Amazing.

What can I say? It’s a room with a view……

Heaven, yes, this must be what heaven looks like.

I could not find out where this was, but it reminds me of Mt. Tam in California (Marin County). My ideal tub, one of my favorite places.

What a place to start your day………how could you not leave the house everyday happy as can be?

Every part of this home has views and total integration into the environment. The waterfall is a work of art.

Could you handle this?

WOW !!!

A Zen vista.

Through the changing seasons the view moves you through it all.

Asian inspired serenity.

Is this where the expression “out on a limb” originated. The views from there must be incredible, but the photographer is a lot smarter. That tree is what supports that room with a view, and the tree is leaning! Has the view, so I included it for those that like their views dangerous!

How about the pool and bedroom having such incredible horizon hugging vistas……

Beauty and serenity.

How about the shower view?

In this photo I felt like I could smell the clear air, happily surrounded by the billowing white curtains and breakfast with a special someone.

The folks that travel with this vehicle have made views a priority. It even has skylight for stargazing. Love it!

The decor colors are spectacularly tied to the color hues in the landscape. Your eye moves from the blue in the room, to the same cobalt blue planter pot next to the pool, on to the ocean and then to the mountains.  This defines wide open view……

A wonderful place for a child to dream and connect with nature.

Simply spectacular!

I am so very fond of nighttime city views……very romantic wouldn’t you agree?

Where the air is fresh and clean…this view personifies that expression.

Amazing that it is all open air…..only a wire railing for safety.

Designed for the view.

The desert offers its own special magic.

At the end of the day such beautiful light… is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream……


I can’t even imagine the excitement of waking to an elephant strolling past your window, actually blocking the view. Well, becoming the temporary view anyway.

Perhaps the best view of all is from above from the International Space Station. Peace……


Well, I am hoping for a few minutes anyway, you could catch your breath, and enjoy a quick trip around the world, ending with the “view from the top” and perhaps being able to start your day saying to yourself ….”Good Morning Beautiful World.”    Thanks for stopping by.    Laters, charisse



  1. WOW! I LOVED each and every view…..makes me long for a lottery win…..loved the camper and leaning tree…to each his own is right! Thanks for all the effort to share such breathtaking beauty…too many people hide their views with window treatments …..

    • I agree about window treatments.As I look out my windows this morning,it is rainy and misty. I am so fortunate I don’t have to worry about another house and anyone looking in…..can’t imagine covering it up. Glad you enjoyed the post.

  2. Love your site. Sooooo creative! A joy to spend time with you!

    • Why thank you Ann, and I am happy that you are enjoying my posts! My readers are what encourage me to continue doing this, so I appreciate that you took the time to comment. Have a terrific day.

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