Plants & Flowers for Autumn and Winter

Plants & Flowers for Autumn and Winter


Some more images from my trip to Milmont Greenshouses yesterday. Today I went to an Artisan Festival right here in my town along the James River. We had beautiful weather and throngs of people turned out for food, music and lots of exhibits from very talented artists. One in particular stood out, a young lady with quite a talent in photography work. I am looking forward to posting about her and her photographs. I really liked her work. Enjoy the photos below……..

Here in the south we can plant pansies and enjoy them for quite a while before they give way until spring, when they add the first bits of color to a landscape and gardens just beginning to come alive again. You might want to check out this web site for how to grow, plant and what to expect from your pansies here . So from Mums to pansies……

Although associated with summer, Bougainvillea is extremely versatile, and can be so much more than just a summer annual. It is one of my all time favorites, and I suggest going here to read everything you need to know about this amazing flower here. I have had no problem overwintering them.

I enjoyed watching Mr. Young paint in watercolors. He used to teach art, but just retired. He is now working on a book of watercolors based on photographs of the Blue Ridge Mountains that his grandfather took back in the 1950’s.

An example of his work, some of which was for sale.

A few more autumn vignettes from around the greenhouses……..

Made me want to make some apple crisp…..yum.

Pumpkin breeders have sure come up with some doozies, haven’t they?

Let’s look at some more flowers that can brighten up the inside of our homes during the gray days of winter.

Something for everyone!


Orchids are really such a bargain. They are now readily available, very reasonably proved, and the flowers can last for months with just minimal care. So even if you don’t want to worry about encouraging them to re-bloom, you get a lot of flower power for the money spent. They are just so elegant on a table or just about anywhere. A few examples below of Phalaenopsis orchids below. Good information here, especially for beginners.


African violets can brighten up a winter windowsill.

Any tropical houseplant can add color and texture to the home. Many grow in low light situations as well.

Tuberous Begonia’s. Inside or outside, they bloom continuously. This year I took the ones I had overwintered, and put them in the ground outside and they actually did quite well despite the continuous rain. They are always lovely in containers on a deck or patio.

And lovely cyclamen. Long blooming, easy care and they thrive in cooler rooms during winter. I especially like the white flowering ones – in winter they are almost like a lightbulb on your windowsill.


If you were in need of planting containers, bulbs or garden ornaments, there were many choices in many colors….beautifully displayed.

Wind chimes anyone? These were some big ones, and the sound was beautiful.


I left the greenhouses about as tired as these two, but with the same smile.

These happy footed Penguins seem to be dancing the words, WELCOME TO AUTUMN!!  And I couldn’t agree more…….

So there you have it. Hope you enjoyed. Have a lovely evening, and thanks so much for stopping by.  Laters, charisse










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