Organic, Sophisticated, Palatial, Brazil

Organic, Sophisticated, Palatial, Brazil

Have I got your attention yet? Although Brazilians like New York City and have purchased plenty of  very expensive property with incredible  NY city views, many as vacation homes, here is one client, of architect and interior designer Eduardo Correa that built a home that would be difficult to leave, even for vacation.The home sits in the mountains and is located in Morro do Chapeu, Bahia, Brazil. The liberal and amazing use of stone and wood makes for a rustic but extremely sophisticated interior, with spacious and lofty rooms, yet a degree of intimacy not usually seen in homes of this size. Even after editing this palatial yet warm home, there were so many delicious photos I have to do this in two parts, one today and another tomorrow.

Driving up the brick drive, one can’t help but notice the massive rock walls leading to a fountain centered by a fire pit. The lighting emphasizes much of the architectural details, especially on the stone front and the vertical detail. The home slowly reveals its stunning details the closer you get.

This is the view looking out the front door. I could lean against the front door and stand mesmerized by the fire in the cauldron, while visitors drive up to the front entrance under the porte cochere.

A view from the back towards the mountain ridges. I love the metal sculpture. The glass along the back of the house hints at the inside.

Using the sculpture as a reference, we are not on the other end, where the house seems almost to emerge from the boulders.

I am giving you a sneak peek at the interior from just inside the front foyer.

Another entrance, and the introduction of a bright color on the double doors.

Although a huge home the architect has brilliantly scaled the spaces using geometry throughout to break up the mass of floors, ceiling  and walls. The scale of the architectural details such as the columns and the wood ceilings creates a wow factor, second only to the view. This home takes your breath away with its setting.

And this is what awaits you behind those doors. Interior photos for detail will have to wait until tomorrow except for the indoor pool area.

Asian elements define the pool area, almost spa like.

Another entrance, from massive wood doors into a dining area. The floors are travertine marble.

Another view of the pool and the mountains beyond.

Imagine walking through the home and hearing the water cascading into the pool from below the statue at the head of the pool. Serene.

Looking back towards the opposite end of the home and the outdoor sculpture.

Looking from the same end as above, but towards the interior of the home. Notice the ceiling and the wood patterning.

It was certainly a moody day when the home was photographed, but the views are outrageous just the same.

As you enter towards the front door, which is massive and pivots open rather than swings, the view that greets you straight ahead of a mountain top is nothing less than spectacular. The organic elements used by Correa throughout the home connects the home to its natural environment, and does not compete with it. Correa used this home to pay homage to the views.


I hope I have left you looking forward to seeing the interior of this house. The architect, whose firm also did the interiors, will not disappoint. Thank you for stopping by! Laters, charisse


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