Ode to Winter

Ode to Winter

Much of the country seems to be in a grip of unusual weather….in the west,  too much all at once of what they need while in a terrible drought, with parts now experiencing flooding rains. The east coast, down south, all experiencing large amount of snow. Where I live we rarely get large amounts, but this week we did. By yesterday, Valentine’s Day, they were still plowing secondary roads. We are so much luckier than those more north, where power outages were wide spread and the snow keeps piling up. I thought I would share some of my photos with you, and a few other  beautiful winter images. When the sun shines on snow it is a cache of diamonds unfathomable in numbers, and I shall always revel in its beauty. Nature designs like no other, is rarely imitable, and can leave us in awe. Below, some photos of my place before and right after the storm.

It started as a light, very fine snow. This photo taken at 9:30 pm on Wednesday night. We went to bed shortly, expecting that we would lose power by morning. We were prepared however.

Before we went to bed KBJ had swept and blown the couple of inches that had already come down, hoping to make it easier this morning to shovel the deck so we could get to the bird feeder. This was taken on Thursday morning at 8 am.

This is looking out my front door towards the garden house. It was almost 9am and the sky was an odd gray, almost white sky.

Taken the same time as above…..no driveway in sight. Our road had not been plowed either.

Back to the deck, where the squirrels had already made their way to the deck rail in an effort to get some sunflower seed.

View from the back deck, the hickory trees providing the only color.

Carter and Whitley discovering that there was snow in their play paddock. KBJ had shoveled it so they would have a safe and dry place to go out in.


This is what happens to Carter when he plays in the snow. He wasn’t out more than a few minutes in a different snow storm before he had snow balls all over his legs. He has a lot more coat now, and I am not eager to spend at least half an hour blow drying him every time he goes out. He loves the snow, so I guess I should order a snow/rain suit that is made especially for Afghans. Snow is just so rare ….. Oh well. Whitley is like teflon….nothing sticks to her, snow leaves, nada. Carter…..like a magnet.

We got up to sunshine Friday, Valentine’s Day, and it warmed to the 50’s! It was quite pretty, although the sun lasted for just an hour or so.

The chairs look quite normal there – as though waiting for apr`es skiers to enjoy a break.

A different view, again from the deck. To the right of the planting containers is the driveway – covered with snow. We got another inch of snow later that evening. For now, it is done!





Hope you are all staying warm and safe. Thanks for stopping by.  Laters, charisse


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