More from High Point Market

More from High Point Market


Let’s start with some lighting, with the first group of photos from Visual Comfort & Co.  I think they are probably my favorite lighting company, not just for the number of choices, many from designers such as Alexa Hampton and Thomas O’Brien, but because they elevate lighting to an art form. Lighting has come a long way, and if you limit your shopping to big box stores, you are missing out on such wonderful ways to elevate your room to “designed” and perfect for you. Lighting has the ability to provide more than simply function and mood, but it can also suggest sculptural form, with the ability to stand alone as a piece of art would. Chandeliers have done this for a long time, but now table and wall lighting can do it equally as well. These are such a limited example of what they offer, but the choices are varied and give you an idea of what is out there.

Notice the hook extensions at the base. Lovely for over a large kitchen island, table, or in an office. Very versatile.

Glass is huge!!!

Brass is soooo back, as is metal in general. The next two lamps are the same, but two different finishes and impressions.

This was beautiful in person…….

Please….does anyone need a designer to help them with a loft? This was a favorite.

There was lots of buzz surrounding this and the next two photos…..

Classic elegance……What fun you can have with shades!

I like these sconces…….

This box within a box seems to have staying power, as I saw many variations, and again, so versatile in terms of where you could use them. No pun intended, but think outside the box with your lighting. ok, maybe pun intended!

With their diffusers on the bottom, the light is incredibly soft and functional.

I am so wanting this for my desk! Built in patina…….


This vendor had some of the cutest items. Sugarboo Designs carries folksy art prints, quotes on wood, antique signs, a new ceramic collection, metal signs, whimsical cotton napkins, postcards and a whole lot more, all done by artist owner Rebecca Puig, and intended to make folks smile. I think she succeeds. These kinds of items would make wonderful gifts.


This is a shot of their little cute.

This is a shot of their little showroom……so cute.


DSC04800 - Version 2


Very sweet.......

Very sweet…….


Lastly for today, from Calisto Home are a few of their lovely luxury linens. We spend a heck of a lot of time in bed, and every once in a while, we need to indulge!


Broad view of their bedding display.

Broad view of their bedding display.

Linen oulala.....

Linen oolala…..

Pretty blue and can see all the variations on the blue on the shelving behind this bed.

Pretty blue and white…you can see all the variations on the blue on the shelving behind this bed.


Well folks, that’s it for today. In case you missed Monday and Tuesday’s posts on my market finds, click here- Monday or  Tuesday. Tomorrow, some amazing antiques, art and accessories. Oh the colors! Thanks for stopping by. Laters, charisse


  1. Carole Moores

    Loved all the pictures. Only got to go to the High Point show once many years ago but thought I had died and gone to accessory heaven!

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