09_Elephant Bitters_WHG

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About The Painting
There are a lot of new things going on in today’s painting. I wanted to try a different kind of design, so I experimented with the background a bit and finally decided on this “T” shaped composition. I haven’t done any glass yet during the challenge, so the bitters bottle was a good candidate to try. The large red central shape of the bottle is balanced by the more complex red patterns in the candies. The shadow of the bottle, the elephant, and the piece of candy in the foreground, with their angular positioning, counter balance the more static formality of the lines of the “T” shape. With a word like bitters on the bottle, the painting had to be about flavors somehow. The candies work on both levels. They have a flavor association, and also carry the red color to other areas in the painting. The clear plastic candy wrappers were extremely fun to capture in paint. It was like looking for hints of things floating in the air, since you can’t really see much of it, only how it effects the background through it, and the way the light sits on it in isolated parts.