Jaguar C-X75

Jaguar C-X75

This is not my usual kind of post. But amazing design is amazing design. Since I was a little girl I have always loved Jaguars. My Mother drove one for a while, and her first cousin restored vintage Jaguars. The first time I rode in one that I remember, was when I was maybe nine or 10 years old, and even then I remember noticing the walnut dashboard (“the pretty wood”), the hood ornament, and how fast it went when Mom’s cousin took me for a spin. I have to say that I am really not a car person at all. If it’s four wheels, functional and comfortable it’ll do. That being said, I did once own a two seater gray Alpha Romeo convertible with red leather interior and a wacky electrical system that I did have fun with for a short time. Anyway…… is my dream automobile (too beautiful to call a car!) The feature photo is of a hood ornament from a 1955 Jaguar mark VII. The closest I will ever come to owning one is a metal scale model green Jag with tan interior that sits on a shelf in my library. It was a gift and I have had it for many years and it still makes me smile. That and a model like my red Vespa. So here’s the dish on this new Jag.

Last year the British automaker Jaguar unveiled the concept car C-X75. The British luxury car manufacturer announced that it would indeed produce the C-X75 . There will only be 250 limited edition vehicles produced, with the majority of them packing a turbo charged hybrid 4 cylinder motor. It looks like Jaguar will be staying true to the original concept though, with a select handful of these packing micro-turbines to power the rear while drive rocket. In addition to the electric power put off by the hybrid motor, the turbines will each pump out 95 horsepower helping this vehicle reach 60 miles per hour from a standstill in just 3 seconds flat. The super car will be offered in both left and right-hand-drive versions, meaning that it will be available in markets all over the world. In addition to that, the CX-75 will be highly personalized, meaning that customers will have the possibility to choose any color and interior finish.   source



Don’t laugh, but I would not purchase this car, or any Jaguar without the vintage Jaguar hood ornament……..even though they have Jaguar written across the back and the insignia on the front, no way baby…..a Jag isn’t a Jag without a bit of sinewy big cat on the hood.

Do you have a favorite dream car? A favorite car from your past? Thanks for reading.   Laters, charisse


  1. I wish one for you Cous.

  2. My favorite car of all was a 1958 fire engine red T-bird convertible. It didn’t belong to me, it was my cousins car who lived just 2 blocks from me. Right after he bought it he was posted to Germany. I was 16, in high school. I begged until he relented and drove that car to school every day, top down, and did I think I was IT! My girlfriend and I would drive to Great Neck on Friday nights, which was where the Merchant Marine Academy was and cruise the streets. It got me a boyfriend for 2 years and several military balls to go to! I would have that top down in the middle of winter if possible. As the fonze would say, those were the days.

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