I’ll Be Home for Christmas

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

I love that song, no matter who sings it. Today, Christmas Eve, I have some photos to share of Christmas around my home. I hope you are enjoying time with those that matter to you, welcoming them through your doors, perhaps thinking of  those who might be longing to come home, and remembering those who no longer can.  Welcome my dear readers, wherever you are. You are always welcome here…….


My garden house as seen from my front door. The light under the windows is coming from a flower box filled with greenery, two small trees and lights. The lights in the trees and branches are coming from a moving laser light. It is like a million fireflies moving through my woods, dancing along the branches. Magical and mesmerizing.



My front door.



If you closely you can barely see me. I am sitting on the front steps, totally absorbed in the laser lights twinkling and darting among the trees.



One of two lanterns on the first step to the front door.



Immediately inside the front door is a walnut gate leg table decorated just a tiny bit.



This guy needed a Christmas collar, so get one he did. He lives beside one of two wing chairs in the dining room.



The live ones, Carter on the left, and Whitley, supervising me while I started decorating a smaller tree for the family room. They followed me from room to room over the time I spent on and off decorating.



This year’s live tree that sits just in from of the staircase. You can see the front door straight ahead.



It is a Frazier fir and every time you walk by I enjoy the fragrance.



Carter and Whitley’s favorite place to enjoy evenings. I am standing in the entrance to the library. Dining room straight ahead. I wonder whether the dogs wonder why a tree is inside the house?



Next few shots are closeups of some of the ornaments on the main tree.





A few of my Santas from my collection placed about the house.







This smaller tree is in the family room.




Santa placed in a vignette that lives in the foyer leading to my master bedroom.




I decorated this tree all in red and silver for the master bedroom.



When I realized I hadn’t taken any photos of the bedroom tree, or of the garland over the bed, I had already unmade the bed for sleep. Oh well!



The tree and the garland are on a remote so one push of a button and the magic happens. As soon as it gets dark I turn the tree and garland lights on so as I walk in and out I can enjoy them. I read before falling asleep, so I really get to enjoy them quite a bit.




This Santa sits on the island and you can see him as soon as you walk into the kitchen.




There are three fireplaces in the house, and this one is in the family room where the smaller tree is. It stretches across the entire room, so I have fun changing things up from years to year during the holidays. I usually keep it pretty simple. This is part of the left side.



This is on the right.



I adore the Santa on the left, prancing atop a polar bear.

From my home to yours, many blessings to you and your loved ones. love, charisse

Glen Campbell sings a lovely version of  I’ll Be Home For Christmas here


  1. Your home looked lovely for the holidays Charisse. Your pups are darling! Thank you for leaving your calling card on my holiday post.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Beautiful, Charisse!!
    Thank you for sharing photos of your beautiful Christmas decorations with us.
    Robert and I always look forward to your blogs. Your doggies are beautiful. I also love the handsome gentleman with the dog collar Christmas ornaments around his neck . A canine butler!

    • Thank you Victoria. It was fun photographing Christmas around here to share with readers. I wish you and Robert and the two 4 legged family members a very Happy New Year. Blessings. charisse

  3. Looks beautiful Cie….wish I was there!!

    • Wish you were here also. For tonight, Christmas Eve, I made homemade manicotti with sausage and meatballs, and for desert homemade cannoli’s, plus salad, etc. love, charisse

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