Iceland… And How Original !!

Iceland… And How Original !!

Originality, imagination and engineering combine to solve a source of visual pollution that we see all over the world. It’s a design disaster I say! What am I speaking of? They are big one, they are small….and ugly. ….what are they? Power lines! Iceland had a competition a couple of years ago to envisage a new power transmission network. This seemed to be the favorite among many…….human (and an animal) shaped pylon designs. Although this was awarded an honorable mention, it was still my clear favorite among the entries. To see more about this, my favorite entry, you can go here, to the architects web site in Boston, MA. To see the winner of the competition, go here.

NOTE: If you here music when you opened this email, it is the short Vimeo video on the Iceland landscape at the bottom, that for some reason starts playing as soon as you open the email. Sorry. Just scroll below and either watch to the end, or cut off your speakers. Couldn’t fix that techie problem……


 Here is the competition winner….which would you prefer to see across the landscape?

Speaking of Iceland, home to just 320,000 citizens, it is a magnificent, rugged glacial covered landscape. It certainly offers stunning nature and lots of adventure. My featured image was of the northern lights near the capital city. Below a couple more images.

The real Blue Lagoon.

If this intrigued you, below is a short video of the landscape of Iceland. I turn off the music, just my preference and a warning to you there is music.


I think I would classify this as whimsy, and I found it fascinating, so decided to post on it. As upset as I can get at man’s inhumanity, I often marvel at man’s ability to do amazing and wonderous things. Amen.   Laters, charisse


  1. very nice

  2. Much better! Love the towers! If only they could make the ‘cell tower trees’ more realistic here!

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