Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

What happened? It was just Christmas, and now it’s New Year’s Eve! I am really looking forward to the fresh potential of a group of 12 months and 365 days under the umbrella of New Year number 2017. Before the new year begins, I want first, to thank every one of you for your loyal following, especially when I returned from an unexpected hiatus to blog again. Your support means the world to me, especially the emails and comments. I have a lot of exciting plans for the coming year and look forward to sharing them with you.


I hope that your own celebrations , resolutions and rituals for this new year will lead to renewal, joy, prosperity,and happiness in both your life and your spirit, and that hope, optimism, and love permeates it all.

So much about this year seems to have shaken our sense of stability. At least it has mine. The list of notable people that have passed from the American scene seemed too numerous and constant. Personal losses. Politics.  Every year my wish for the world is the same, and that wish seems more remote and less possible than ever . Yet I crazily hold onto hope. So again, my wish for all of humanity and creatures alike in this chaotic and unstable world, is that rationality, reason and PEACE descends in a heavy blanket across this blue planet,the third rock from the sun, this teeny, tiny, dot in the universe.

02_IMG_1750 - Version 2_WHG

My first selfie ever! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

And suddenly you know…..it’s a new year and a time to try something novel or brand new or unfamiliar, and trust in the magic of beginnings. Blessings to you all. laters, charisse


  1. Love the glasses!! Happy 2017 !! Hopefully we can get together at least once this year!!

    • I do hope that we get to visit very soon, as it has been way too long. Those 2017 glasses are funny. Instead of just a hole for the eyes to see thru, they have magnifying lens. You already felt tipsy even if you hadn’t had a drink yet.I tried to put them on Whitley, who is usually very good about those kinds of things, and she wouldn’t let me. Now I know why!

  2. Wish you lived next door. Think you are the most fun and inspirational woman. bev

    • Bev, your comment made my day!! I try to make the blog fun and inspirational, but sometimes you don’t always know if you have succeeded , or that it is read as it is intended. I wouldn’t be writing this blog without the support of my readers, so again, thank you for taking the time to comment. Blessings to you in this brand new year. charisse

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