Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Let there be joy in the possibilities……..Happy New Year!!  I like the New Year’s Holiday. On the eve, sometimes we go out, sometimes we stay in, enjoying the watching of the festivities on Times Square, perhaps watching a movie, and always..


We gaze into new possibilities…...

We gaze into new possibilities……

preparing a special dinner. I find the time between Christmas and the New Year to be a time of calm, quiet reflection. Sure we all make New Year’s resolutions, and then mostly break them, hopefully with a sense of humor. But now, I mostly look at this time as a fresh start, not just for me, but humanity. I find the demarcation of the years good for our psyche as much as anything, a kind of release valve on the daily task of making a living, from the pressures of our daily lives compounded by the lack of world peace, from leaders around the world that just can’t seem to find a mutual middle of the ground approach to much of anything. Any sane parent would like to put them in time out until it restored their understanding of playing fair. The New Year offers us opportunities to commit (again) to saving the animals on the brink of leaving the planet forever, and treating each other with dignity and respect. And saving the children, including the children in our own country, by making sure they have enough to eat, and access to a quality education. They are our future.

The New Year can really act as a kind of shower……washing away the frustrations, disappointments, disgust, anger, hurt, misunderstandings from the previous year. Even if some of these emotions still exist, the New Year holiday allows for a tamping down, a letting go or easing up, a fresh start. Maybe even a reevaluation of why we felt the way we did.

Most of all, I like to remind myself of what was right in my life, the gratitude I have felt throughout the year. Surprisingly, it is the accumulation of very tiny moments that together make for sweet memories. Sure, there are the big events that probably grab our thoughts first, but it is really the often quiet, tender moments, like seeing a rare bird at my feeder, a visit from a dear friend, the breathtaking starry night and so many more, that tied together make it a good day, week, and then another year.
If we didn’t have this New Year’s Day day for marking a fresh start, life might become a bit heavy. It is a chance to breathe deeply, and let the exhale take the last year away, and to again deeply breathe in all of the possibilities,  and to face the coming year with joy about it all.
To all my readers, I wish you blessings and enthusiasm for the coming 365 days of delicious time to fulfill your hopes and dreams. In small ways, and in big ways, let 2016 be ridiculously amazing! My very best to you and your families, and thank you for stopping by, and from my heart to yours, I wish you all a Happy and Healthy New Year.  Laters, charisse



  1. Welcome back, Charisse! And Happy New Year! What a great time to return from your Whimsical hiatus ! it is wonderful to be drawn into your words again, and I look forward to the mini-journey each entry will take us on this year. Best to you and yours!

  2. Happy New Year Charisse, glad your back!

  3. Happy New Year to you and yours. Lots to look forward to 🙂

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