Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

I have been immersed in various projects and needed to stay with them so I wasn’t able to write for a bit, but I am glad to be back. For today?  Just a fun post sharing some Halloween photos of dogs dressed for Halloween Pet Parades in New York, South America and England. These holiday parades are apparently increasingly popular with large turnouts. Here where I live, instead of pets, it will be hundreds of costumed children descending on our little river town to share in holiday fun and to collect a lot of candy from the downtown businesses. I think it great fun for the children, although that means no door to door trick or treaters. I am used to that now after almost ten years, but I still miss it. I wish you all lots of fun, and lots of chocolate or whatever your favorite holiday candy might be. Stay safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!

He really looks the part!

I don’t know quite what it is about Chihuahuas, but they take to wearing costumes quit readily and naturally.

This dog’s name is “Eli” and his feathery costume is really rather elaborate.

Her name is “Lola”, she was a showgirl…oops…..she is a sailor here.

“Gracie” the pug……

“Baxter” is all spaghetti and meat balls, on a dish no less.

“Little” and “Pants” pose as a pirate and the devil.

“Butter” looks like a hot dog.

“Tank” looking ready for NY Bridal Couture Week

This one made me laugh!

Hark ye there….beware the hot dog dragon.

“Jack” as Don Draper from MadMen. Love the scotch glass and cigarette.

I have a pin cushion exactly like that! His thimble hat completes the ensemble.

Quite original I would venture to say.

A true blue NY dog. What a darling face!

What our pups will put up with for us!

Enjoy !


  1. Luci is going with the grandkids as the neighborhood bear. Brady the golden will represent the successful Red Sox in honor of my son in law who hails from Boston and is on cloud nine!

  2. Thanks to you I have started my day with a smile. Love the dogs and the costumes…In fact BW is going to the gym in his dog costume today. Will try to get a pic and send it to you. Meanwhile Happy Halloween!!

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