Funky Fun Furniture

Funky Fun Furniture


I really enjoy  whimsy and eclectic decor. I love to add a bit, or sometimes even just a single piece of whimsy when I design for others. It’s kind of my signature. Finding an item that fits the personality and style of my client…something that elicits a smile from the homeowner  and says, “that is so me”. You know, we come this way but once, and we need to live authentically. Of late I have read a couple of posts on blogs by color experts that definitively exclaim that all kitchens should be white, tile white, and outside, all roofs should be black. If it were that simple we would not need designers. If you love white, and all white everywhere, then I am all for it. I actually like white, a lot, and have done all white rooms, including a nursery. But if you love color, and you don’t use it in your home, then you will probably not be happy in your home. And you are really not living authentically.

One easy way to introduce some fun and maybe color into your home is with a single piece of furniture. You all seemed to enjoy the post I did on bookcases of a different kind ( read it here Bookcases ), so I thought we might have some fun looking at furniture that can add some fun to your home environment. Some of these pieces are sure to have you exclaiming “what were you thinking” or “that is so cool” , maybe even “Yikes”. Either way, they might get you to thinking about color. If it gets you to thinking about what makes you happy in your home, then this post is a good thing. I bet many of you already have a conversation pieces, and maybe don’t know what to do with it, or how or whether to integrate it into your home For now, let’s look at some fun pieces. For comparison, let’d look at a lovely white/cream sitting area. Who wouldn’t enjoy this….it has texture, wood, and lots of light.

BAM!!! ……here we go – right into some funky furniture……….

This piece could stand on it’s own in an all white room, with hints of the colors in the chair in objects placed around the room. One piece can become the inspiration for easily finishing a room. What helps to make this chair so interesting is not just the colors, but the patterns and varying textures, as well as the asymmetrical placement of the fabrics. I love how the wood was left to look almost like raw, unfinished wood. This chair actually looks comfortable as well.                               source

Whereas the first chair above has an air of formality to it, this one is plain whimsy and funky to boot. These fabric mixes work well in a kids room or playroom, a sunroom.                       source

Whereas the chair above is fabric, this one has been painted. I attended an art show a couple of weekends ago, and one of the artists painted chairs. She did hers on canvas upholstery and then sealed it. She did some interesting things like with this one. So instead of art on the wall, we can sit on it!         source

Even the addition of a painted chest in a subtle color can bring interest to a room.                              source

Anybody for a fancy porch swing???    source

Made entirely of copper pipe, I would think that this would be fun in an industrial loft setting. Place a big basket on the seat with just about anything and you have a conversation piece.                                source

I am a huge fan of the late Audrey Hepburn, and wouldn’t mind having this chair in my dressing room or office, a sweet reminder of an iconic style maker. The fact that she also reminds me of my mother doesn’t hurt either.                                 source

If this doesn’t start a conversation then nothing will!                       source

Even if some of these examples are not one’s cup of tea, we can still admire the design. This chair is really unique. I think I would like it a lot more with a different colored or textured fabric….perhaps a velvet?         source

In a corner on the front porch, or at a back door, in the garden…..this is a lovely chair. Place a copper or pottery container with geraniums on it and it will be admired for sure.  source

Another unusual design. Pretty along the wall in a foyer.                        source

Black and white stripes are classic, bold and with the gold trim absolutely glamorous and maybe even a bit sexy.  source

A worn paint finish lends immediate interest to a room. Pieces like this work well no matter your design esthetic….modern or traditional.                   source

A painted table can be unexpected, and definitely a lovely addition to almost any room. Tables like these are versatile and can be moved from room to room and styled differently each time.             source

This is a fun example of a beautifully put together corner. Notice the whimsical giant scissors to the left of the chair. The subtle color of the chest is perfect with the colors of the fabric, which is so perfect for the shape of this chair. Definitely colorful, feminine, but sophisticated.    source

This is an interesting use of an informal, almost rustic cowhide settee set in a room where the wall color and architectural trim work as well as the sunburst mirrors say formal, and yet it works. The shape of this piece of furniture almost begs to be touched or sat in.    source

The soft curves and shape, as well as a bright color invite one to take a second look.   source

This is one that you could not miss even if placed in a far corner. Definitely a statement piece…..look at the back set of legs…..interesting.          source

I was drawn to this chair…… just looks comfortable, it invites sitting. The fabric color mixes could be inspiration for an entire room. I might use this is a bright white room, with all white linen or twill covered sofas, with toss pillows in patterns that play off this chair..     source

I was also strongly drawn to the curves and the wood used to make this chair.     source

Another chair that would be beautiful in an all white room with perhaps a navy accent wall…..especially a pair of them.   source

Although this is done in a white fabric, I could also see this Italian Baroque settee in a bold color and in a bedroom sitting area or along a foyer wall.                  source

I have to admit I have never seen these chairs before. I love how they were placed in a formal elegant setting.    source

I happen to like these chairs, but this is the first time I have ever seen them upholstered like this! Can you see it? A skeleton on the back posed as if it could see thru the person actually sitting on it.     source

Black, white, funky……                    source

This chair with equestrian fabric would be quite versatile in many settings. I like mixing a back with a different seat fabric.           source

OK, I have shown many girly pieces of furniture, so for you guy readers, here you go! A fun piece actually, although outside, not in the house!   source

OK, ready for this? The ‘Lockheed lounge’ was created by the Australian designer Marc Newson in 1986. Expected to be worth £1,000,000 ……that would buy a whole lot of funky furniture.         source

This bubble chair I think would be fun. Most of us would be drawn to anything that offers enclosure.         source

These are darling chairs, and who wouldn’t be happy walking into this breakfast area?     source

When I took a client to look at chairs for his office, I actually sat in this chair. His wife and I declared it to be one of the most comfortable chairs we had ever sat in. It was perfect for our body height. Unfortunately it didn’t fit the taller husband as well. Did you notice that the chair, if you were to tip it forward, is the shape of a forward seat saddle? I wanted this so badly to put next to my real saddle. Sitting in this I could almost smell my horses again!     source

Wonderfully creative and simply adorable. I might use this in a nursery or child’s room, or maybe in an office to remind me that I can think outside the proverbial box.          source

Purple will always enliven a white room. I like the addition of purple framed knobs above the chair. The pop of color will draw the eye straight to this corner.         source

Could you resist sitting in this chair? The zebra print on the outside keeps it from being just another beige chair.         source

This is a great example of what an old piece of furniture can become with some imagination and some paint. The painting above makes for a stop and look vignette.   source

Love ’em!      source

In case you haven’t noticed my rabbit logo on my site…….so had to include a rabbit chair.  source

The craftsmanship alone would encourage a conversation. Not my style, but this is an amazing French 19th century Art Nouveau settee. Look at the carved heads on the arms.    source

Animal prints are classic. How about covering an entire chair?           source

I love this room, and the decision to paint each chair a happy color. The bright pops of color in the chairs and the pillows take a nice white room from generic to happy and inviting. Kid friendly as well.  source

Covering the backs of chairs in a second fabric takes the interest up one more level.     source

These look funky, but I have sat in several and they are darn comfortable.     source

Bohemian, colorful…….are you getting used to lots of color yet?          source

In this foyer the bright green chair is the perfect foil for the black and white of the living room.       source

By simply adding colored thread and wrapping it around the curved structure of the chair, you immediately give it character with just a small pop of color.     source

How about using lots of color for the dog’s bed. So even if you like it, but are afraid of admitting it you can use fido as the reason.              source

Back to the guys. This one’s for you, and I would allow these in my house, but only in a media room or your man cave.        source

Simplicity and elegance in black and white.         source

Nowhere left to store your books. Buy this chair….problem solved.     source

Here the animal print pillow on a bold navy chair would definitely get noticed. Really nice, especially with the chosen carpet.       source

Wallpaper is making a comeback, and this polka dot chair brings this old fashioned paper to modern. Add the lamp, and it looks sassy.       source



.Another example of a jazzed up painted chair, in this case a Queen Anne. I think this time on either leather or vinyl. I think in a woma’s office, this gives such a fresh vibe.        source

Very cool chairs for this setting. And I bet they are comfortable as well.     source


So we have come full circle. We started with white, and went through some pretty bold, yet fun and or interesting furniture choices. So we shall end up with a lovely painted piece.    source

I hope you have enjoyed this journey and after looking at so many colors and styles, that you might understand your own color preferences a bit better. We are all drawn to certain colors and styles, and looking at saturated colors like in many of these pieces can help you refine what you like or don’t like. Hope you had fun. Thanks for reading.   Laters, charisse



  1. Love the chair for the kid’s playroom. Where could I purchase one?

  2. I’m so excited to have just found your site!!! I just got this old queen Anne Settee with awful fabric and I just want to completely change the look of it so I punched in Funky contemporary upholstery fabrics in my search bar and found you and TONS AND TONS of ideas ie. that fab painted chair!. Thank you so much for all the pics. I love that. Love this page.. New follower from Marie @ Paint It White.

    • Hi Marie,
      Thank you for your sweet comment! So happy that you will be following WH&G. I had so much fun writing that post. All it takes is one piece of “funky” or whimsical to elevate a room to a stylish maximum. Send a photo if you would like, when you have completed the transformation of the settee you found and I would be happy to post it in a followup to this post, one of my readers favorites. Thanks again for stopping by.

  3. Do you know who made the chair listed above. (19th or so picture)
    It’s pink with cushioned with silver trim. The design is shaped like a half of a hart.
    Looking to order a pair.
    Thank you.

  4. ilene solomon

    Fabulous site!

  5. What can I say? So much fun! Full of life, beauty and verve… what people who love art need to feel alive…. This shows you that you can take furniture in so many directions. I’ve recovered the same sofas and chairs in different fabrics over the years, and after seeing these pieces, I think I’m going to allow myself to be more daring in the future… You only live once!

  6. I was going to also say LOVE LOVE LOVE seems like Victoria feels the same way. We have two traditional wing chairs that have had really untraditional fabric but not this much fun–and ours need to be recovered. LOVE the painted one and the black and white stripe with the Lichtenstein folks–where do we find fun fabrics? Mary Jo’s cloth store is here in NC but I doubt they have anything like this? Also, fyi, pulling a female shaggy tomorrow will email privately. Great blog thanks for the true inspiration.

    • Laurie, you are fortunate to have a place like Mary Jo’s for fabric…..she is passionate about fabric for sure, and it beats the chain fabric stores anyway. She has had some pretty funky fabrics in the past, and would be worth checking out. She would also be a good information source for what you may be looking for. There are also a couple of places in High Point that are go to’s for me, but only sell mostly by the bolt. So many choices when recovering……fun for sure!!! Go for it!

  7. Oh, I love, love, love so many of these pieces!!! What fun they are. I am always fascinated by the whimsical furniture
    that I see while out shopping or touring homes in the Parade of Homes. I will send a photo to you of a couple of awesome whimsey chairs that we saw when Carole took Robert and me to tour a multi-million dollar home near Dahlonaga, Ga.
    They totally do not match our decor but I love them. The Grande Bohemian Hotel here in A/ville has some really funky, interesting pieces from around the world. I would love to do an entire room in fun furniture just for my pleasure, as s collection room. 🙂 Thx for this Funky Thursday Frolic through some out-of-the-box art.

    • They are fun pieces aren’t they? I was worried that the post would be too long,and I still have more for another post! I so look forward to getting back to visit Asheville…..such a nifty artsy city. I look forward to seeing some photos of the house in Georgia with whimsical chairs. This is the fun part for me of doing the blog. It lets us all look at furniture, homes and gardens, and even if they are not in our style, have fun seeing what others do…….Glad you enjoyed. Helps motivate me to keep writing.

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