Erin go Bragh

Erin go Bragh

When I was in school everyone wore a little or a lot of green on St. Patrick’s Day, depending if you were Irish, part Irish or a wanna be. It was always a fun day.  I thought that I would share some images for both inspiration and to perhaps trigger some past happy memories of the holiday. For the recipes or for more information, the source link under the photos will take you directly to the creator’s web site.


                                                                                 IRISH SAYINGS


                                                                     Murphy’s Law:

                                                                     Nothing is as easy as it looks.

                                                                     Everything takes longer than you expect.

                                                                     And if anything can go wrong,

                                                                     It will, at the worst possible moment.  


Any green plant will give a hint of Irish spirit. Add Shamrocks at the base, and you are done. Source: Google image

Irish Peppermint Shake   source

Creme  de menthe shooter  source

Label your favorite beer with these printable stickers.  source

Irish Coffee    source

Good Ole Irish Whisky  source

Green Martini     source

St. Patrick’s Day Green Cream Puffs    source

Lime Cream Puffs   source

Kids will love a green candy bar!    source

Fun cookies     source pinterest

Green layered St. Patrick’s Day cake    source

Spinach quiche  source

 Yesterday we had a taste of summer – the temperature reached 81 degrees. I opened up the windows in the house and enjoyed the flow of fresh air, and then I had to drive over the mountain to Home Depot, and the sun was hot enough that I needed to turn on the A/C in my van. Today the high is in the lower 40’s and quite gusty. Spring is such a short season here, so I hope it comes soon. We have just a few weeks of true spring weather before it goes hot, then hot and humid. I have a lot of yard work to do, and am looking forward to getting out and enjoying the cool spring days. 

As always, thanks for stopping by. Laters, charisse






  1. Top O’ The Mornin’ To Ya, Charisse. Love the greens!! First of all, green is my Favorite color, Rob’s too. Second, I have a bit of Irish in me as well.
    And third, yesterday started out like spring and on my way home from work at 11:30 pm in Asheville, NC, I was in a snowy storm. Very high winds last night and today with the ground covered with a thin layer of snow this mornin’ !!
    Go Figure!!
    Thanks for the lovely green pics!! Such a fun color. (Now I want Quiche)

    Ready For Spring!!

    • The winds are sustains right now at 25-30 mph. Lots of branches down, and it is in the low 30’s. I am taking this to mean that the winter is tired, and the winds will blow spring into Virginia, like right now!!! Stay safe on those mountain roads!

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