Equestrian Inspired Decor

Equestrian Inspired Decor

I love horses and everything equine. I still have a couple of my saddles, and a show halter which I keep in the terrace level family room. Throughout the house I have quite a bit of canine and equine art. In your home decor you can choose to use as little or as much of either as you like to the extent you feel it fits into your decor and your own personal style. You can decorate your entire home or just a room, and this style of decor is not limited to just a traditional approach. The equine influence can add a lot of interesting touches, from table decor to wall art to furniture.

Just adding a couple of pillows to a chair can set a warm and welcoming equine tone.

Adding a few personal equine items, like your boots and saddle can add a wonderful and memorable vibe to a space.

This beautiful foyer includes a large oil painting that stands out against the neutral toned walls.

A lovely vignette of equine items that really pop against the green walls.

A large piece of art is the only equine accent in the room, but it has a presence.

This is an eclectic decor, and the pop of modern geometric prints in a bright color is unexpected but delightful.

What young lady wouldn’t love this room. The color combination of brown, pink, red and white is cozy, inviting and sophisticated.

A foyer that serves as a decorated space for equine enthusiasts.

White modern decor serves as a wonderful basis for the black and white photographs.

This is a gorgeous foyer. The colors in the art complements the staircase banister, the beautiful floor, foyer table, and the wood doors, and pops off the cream walls.

This is another eclectic room in grays, black and white with an industrial feel.

Nice bath with the equine art reflected in the bathroom mirror. The black and white art compliments the charcoal and white decor.

Classical equine art in a classical foyer.

There is no question here about the decor…modern with huge impact with a single powerful work of photographic art. I love how the stained wood surrounding the windows and the wood table and floors all tie in together to the art.

Another loft that utilizes equine photographs.

This dining room is interesting and I think what makes the wall art work is the smaller framed piece in the yellow frame. Your eye just goes to the wall.

Monochromatic and lovely.

When I found this I was gobsmacked at the originality. At night I bet it is breathtaking.

Although definitely masculine, I like the traditional combination of leather wood and metal.

The horse shares a staring role in this foyer with the wood slab table.

Unexpected decor choices give this equine inspired room a feminine vibe and also a feeling of glamor. I particularly like the bench with the invisible legs.

Can’t get more traditional than this.

The vibrant color of the room was inspired by the show ribbons.

This vignette of equine art is complimented by some of my favorite beautiful blue porcelain.

Like this room because it has an inviting vibe.

A bright space full of neutral tones that compliment the art.

If you choose, you can take a single door knocker and use it to say, yes, I am a lover of horses.

What a colorful yet serene dining room.

Wow!  I can’t imagine this……..

Again, it can be as simple as one small item.

or one large……

I wouldn’t mind having this on my garden wall.

Rustic and welcoming.

Horses and dogs, in this case a Cavalier enjoying a cozy spot beneath an equine inspired drink station.

The neutral tones set a nice tone for the art.

What a beautiful piece of carved art.

Utilizing an alcove above the fireplace to set off a bronze statue in my library. The ginger jars aren’t usually there.

My favorite way to display equine art….live art. I asked for a pony for my birthday, but no one heard my wish.

Thanks for stopping by.  Laters, charisse


  1. Pamela McKenney

    Where can I get most of this? Loved it😀


  3. Realmente fantastico, muito lindo. Amo cavalo e essas decorações me inspiram muito.

  4. Brenda Coe Fiedler

    I love your choice of horse decor. The pony at the end was best of all… I once had a horse walk through my farm house as a child also… great memories! Especially hove the horse newel… Do you know where to purchase one. ?

  5. Gorgeous, heart touching decor. Love this!

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