Easter Greetings!

Easter Greetings!

Easter Greetings to all my readers. I hope that the weather is agreeable enough that all Easter egg hunts and family get togethers unfold as planned. I am spending a quiet holiday with my two pupsters as KBJ is away. Below are some Easter vignettes, as well as a couple of my dogs.

HAPPY SPRING from me Carter & Whitley !!!

She finally took those darn rabbit ears off of us……..

Where did that treat go????

Carter is athletic and focused: “Get that treat in his hand”…….

and Carter is goofy……..



and a handsome boy all rolled into a wonderful dog.

Whitley thinks that working or doing anything for a treat is beneath her. She just looks at me with her black button eyes and I get her diva attitude. Carter……he is a happy dog, eager to play and please. These two are inseparable and devoted and make any holiday a happier one. Thanks for stopping by. Laters, charisse



  1. I’ll be smiling the rest if the day! Nothing like bunnies and precious, precocious pups!

    Happy Easter dear friend.

  2. Oh how lovely! Thank you for sharing all of this beauty!
    Puppies, flowers and bunnies! Just heavenly!
    Happy, Happy Easter! We have the gift of sunshine today!

    Love Victoria and Robert

    • It is sunshine and beautiful here today as well. Feels so good. The trees are finally ready to show some leaf, although way behind schedule. I saw my first butterflies yesterday, which means my Hummingbirds should arrive soon. Happy Easter!

  3. Happy Easter!!

    The pups are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these great photos. Hope you and K have a wonderful day.


    • Thank you! They are at this moment enjoying the sunshine and beautiful day. Carter was following a butterfly around which made me laugh. I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather we have. Spring is here, winter has left for sure. Enjoy!

  4. Happy Easter! That brought a smile to my face…… loves ya!

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