Deck the Halls!

Deck the Halls!

It is so hard to believe that Christmas is but a little more than a week away. The photos below are not so much for inspiration as they are to simply gaze at, enjoy, and perhaps add even more  Christmas and holiday spirit…….They range from bright and extra colorful to  adventuress, simple, elaborate , to quite traditional. All are beautiful because they serve as a gathering places for family and friends, hopefully creating memories and traditions that can be passed on to the next generation.

Bright and colorful for either a warm or cold climate.

Simple, with natural elements, using boxwood for the wreaths, classic red and white ornaments, burlap stockings to achieve a down home country Christmas.

With even the dog adorned in red, this traditional red and gold color scheme is made even more welcoming with a plaid blanket. I love, love plaid!

Perhaps my favorite of todays photos, especially because a Landseer Newfoundland portrait greets visitors, adorned with beautiful holiday greenery amid a rustic yet elegant room.

White and wood is all it took to create an indoor Christmas winter environment. I could do with “Bambi” being outside my window instead of over the mantel however!

A nice twist on tree decor! It almost gives the tree a sense of movement. The gifts are wrapped in colorful paper that duplicates the tree colors.

This tree’s shape is almost adorable…kind of short and plump with white ornaments that compliment rather than compete with the white decor. Lots of texture in this room to create warmth and the green of the tree is the perfect foil to all the white.

See this tree and your first reaction might be “whoa!!”, but after that, I bet there is a smile on your face. This room and tree is probably every child’s fantasy. Notice that most of the “ornaments” are monkeys!

Adorable country decor and so simple to make.

Traditional red, white and green with a twist……instead of greenery the homeowner chose white. Bright and happy result.

Original and happy. Clever use of the wall strands of ornaments adds significantly to the impact of a small tree.

Simply wrap candy canes around your candles for an easy update to your table setting. I also used to lay one on the dinner napkins at the children’s place setting.

Adding cranberries to your lanterns takes them for pretty to seasonal and pretty.

Piling your favorite ornaments in a bowl or a glass container puts pops of color wherever you need it.

I adore natural elements in a room such as this with wood paneled walls. I like the look enough that I would probably leave it up until the needles fell off…..and sorry to admit….I have done so a few times!

Clever use for a wreath, especially if you have tall ceilings. To bring the color down some more there are cranberries in the chandelier as well.

I use the train, which I shared in the last post, but many use Christmas villages under the tree or in a bow window, and to children and adults it can be magical.

If you can, start your holiday decorating in the foyer. This is a lovely example.

This room is all about texture, white and warmth. I love the use of non-traditional paper party globes.

And who could say no to a Teddy Bear, especially one all decked out for the holidays like this fella?


Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have your shopping done! Laters, charisse


  1. How do hang the Christmas wreath above the,chandelier?

    • Hi Sarah, I cannot comment on this particular wreath, but when I have hung wreaths and other decor from the ceiling I have used heavy duty ceiling hooks, fancy ones like to hang chandeliers, etc. If they are not already the color of the ceiling I paint them. Then using fishing line, attach it to the wreath, & depending on the size of the wreath, in 4 equally spaced distances leaving enough to easily attach to the hooks, but not so much that you see the hooks. My ceilings in the dining room are 13 feet, so after the holiday, with the wreath gone, the hooks did not draw your attention, so I left them. Thanks for stopping by. charisse

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!

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