Creating a Larger Pocket Garden

Creating a Larger Pocket Garden

This is the last one. I say the last, but one never knows. This one came about not so much by choice, because when the house was built they took down a large number of gorgeous mature trees for a septic system  large enough that it could handle a hotel, as well as enough space for a “spare” should the first ever fail. I was sick when they took down all those beautiful trees despite my protests that it wasn’t necessary. It left a large area now that needed mowing and was furthest from the house. It also left a boring space right at the bend in the driveway. So once again, it all started with another huge dump truck load of soil. This garden also inspired an art installation of a different kind, that will be revealed later in the final reveal. You will either love it or hate it, but either way, I had fun designing it. Even KBJ wasn’t sure where I was going with this, but what the heck…….

As you come in the first driveway entrance you came to this patch of dirt. I had planted 3 baby Crepe Myrtles and that was it.

Here you can see the 3 Crepe Myrtles. They have been in for a year. I got them end of season for $3/each but they had aphids and were almost leafless from that and having not been watered. I figured I had nothing to lose. I used some insecticidal soap and watered regularly and they came back. In this photo you can also see a couple of rose bushes put in mid-summer.


You can see the pile of dirt, some of which had already been spread. I also decided on a landscape plan, and I began thinking it might requir moving the Crepe Myrtles. KBJ ended up happily moving them to another section of this garden spot.

This is the view from the house. The path you see in the middle, leads to the back of my property where there is a bluff that overlooks the reservoir. You can see the bend in the drive from this view.


Here is the expanse of part of the septic line area, with the new garden space to the right. We put in RR ties along the side because water that runs off the driveway in storms had already created some minor erosion, and I didn’t want the good new soil to get taken away.

The new soil to help amend the clay.

The only reason that we were able to dig and turn over the soil with just a shovel and not a pic axe was because of the record rains we had this summer.

Tote that barge, lift that bale KBJ!!! Don’t laugh- I worked hard also….the camera is heavy too! KBJ did all the soil work, dug the holes and I planted.

One of the plants I would use  in this garden was Cleome, and the other one got planted in the garden next to the garage. It is still flowering, and is one of my favorite plants.

Every garden needs “movement” and grasses provide texture, a varied color and movement to draw the eye in.

This was the point where I decided to move the Crepe Myrtles to an area behind the oak on the far left where they would get more sunlight.

This is a pretty good view looking out to the first driveway entrance. It gives you an idea of how far back we are from the front of the property.

The soil is now all ready for the new shrubs, additional roses, grasses and bulbs, flowers and some variegated liriope. We hadn’t put the RR ties in yet.

Tomorrow, photos of it planted and the beginning of the “art” project for this garden. I wanted something to draw attention to this area when you drove in, as it really is the first thing you see because right where this garden is, is where you make a sharp left curve before the house comes into view. First impressions!

Today-Another very hot day in the 90’s. Our average temp should be high 70’s. We have had little rain for weeks now since it finally stopped after all summer deluge. I have had to water some……never remember having to water in October! We are expecting some rain early next week, and it will be welcome……just a bit of it though. Laters,   charisse







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