Creating a Cozy Living Room

Creating a Cozy Living Room

Cozy….the very word conjures up feelings of comfort, warmth and relaxation. Intimate, snug, homey. How do you create this kind of welcoming space, in this case, in your living room? Here are some ideas. Also some Oscar fashion reviews.

 Don’t these first few photos just make you want to grab that cover and curl up to read a book or take a nap?   Ahhhh, cozy indeed.

Adding texture is a way to add coziness. Here an afghan and pillow do the trick.

Another way to add cozy is to add items to a room that feel special or luxurious. A kitten adds life and warmth literally. Catching the sun beams laying on the back of a sofa encourages you to join in the relaxation.

Layering textiles on a sofa, chaise or end of a bed instantly adds the cozy to a room.

This is the next afghan I plan on knitting…….oh yes!

This room exudes warmth and coziness. Color (the red), the warm brown panelling, the stone fireplace and art all contribute. The warm colors are repeated in the carpeting and brick floors as well.

This room would not be nearly as inviting if the ceilings were white, even though the sofa is a warm color.

Although we don’t usually think of a white room as cozy, we see here that the walls are a warm tinted white, the oriental carpet brings pattern in a warm color scheme with pillows picking up the same colors.Lighting plays a large part in creating coziness, and this room, especially at night I bet is amazing.

Here, a large chandelier casts its light onto the ceiling, washing it is warmth, as do the accent lights over the staircase. The carpet and fireplace stone add texture.

Books, wood ceiling & beams and so much more…….I love the sofa’s one piece seat, and brown velvet is so luxurious.

Another example of lighting creating ambiance, among other contributors.

Lighting in this room is the major element promoting warmth and welcome, with sconces washing the walls. A fire in a fireplace adds natural light. More texture in the architectural elements…….ceiling beams, rug, window header, tables, etc.

Brick and textiles do it here.

Another example of a lighter room that still reads cozy.

A wood paneled library-study almost can’t fail to come across as snug.

Although there is an entire wall of glass in this room, the view of a fire in front of the snow in the woods creates a toasty atmosphere.

Deep cushioned sofas and chairs, amazing architectural details and color all work together in this room.

In rooms with neutral coloring, the simple grouping of candles can substitute for a fireplace, and adding lots of squishy pillows and textured coverlets instantly add the look of comfortable.

I love plaid and it can instantly add that one necessary element. All the colors in this room are warm colors, including the use of a greenish black paint on the mantel. Lighting also plays a key role in this study.

This room is solo close to reading warm……what would you add to push it to the next level?

Shabby chic warmth. The wood base lamps, burlap and fuzzy pillows. I would add a quilt or wool coverlet.

Textiles!!!! They add so much to a room.

Beautiful candleholders add a lot to the table vignette. They reflect the candlelight for a tiny bit of luxury in a casual and rustic space.

A bright and white room, photographed in the summer that is still inviting and cozy, and I bet you can easily pick out the elements that make it so.

Even an eclectic decorating style can achieve the goal of snug and cozy.

Painting the coffered ceiling the same color as the walls is a way to go in many rooms where you want a room to feel  den like.

In this room treating the ceiling the same way would not have the same effect. It’s still a possibility, but would need some additions to make it work. I adore sectionals like this one. I would add some more pillows with texture and in warm colors. I would also use a slightly larger rug so that part of it is tucked under the front of the sofa.

A small room, and I love it. Add a couple of ottomans and coverlets and what a lovely spot to relax in.

In summary, use textiles, layer, accessorize with things you love to create a warm and yet happy space that feels lived in. Go all out for comfort. Lights and candles, are one way to adjust cooler colors. By the way, when using CFL or LED bulbs, use those labeled as having a temperature of 2700-3000K for a warmer light. Your home should be a place to revitalize and having at least one room that is snug and cozy can go to great lengths to allow us to feel safe, protected and relaxed, especially on a cold winter day.


Yesterday it was 73 and sunny. Our normal is mid 50’s. Today it is 30 and we already have 6 inches of snow on the ground. Yes, you read it right. Tonight it will go down to 5 degrees. It is crazy, crazy, and has been a crazy winter, following on the steps of a record rainy  spring, summer and fall. I had planned on going out this week to do the pruning in the gardens that I usually do this time of year……oh well.

I do not watch the Oscars although I love movies and enjoy reading the results the next day. I do however love, love fashion and so I thought I would share a few of my favorites from this year’s red carpet. As always, thanks for stopping by. Laters, charisse

I really loved this Monique Lhuiller, worn by model Chrissy Teigen. Like the pockets, the shape, the colors. The shoes are perfect for this chic look.

Classic styling, Jennifer Lawrence looks beautiful in Dior and wearing $3 million in jewels by Neil Lane.

Not a fan of the shawl (I think it is the color), but this gown, by Versace and worn to perfection by Lady Gaga is like an Art Deco work of art. Her figure is perfect for this gown.

Gown by Alexander McQueen and worn elegantly by Sandra Bullock. The color is such a gorgeous shade of navy.

Mathew Mcconaughey’s wife, Camila Alves is stunning in this gown by Gabriela Cadena.

There were many gowns I did not care for, some I liked but were wrong for the person wearing them. I don’t know what some of the actresses stylist’s were thinking. Always interesting and fun however. Any favorites for you?





  1. Hi Charisse
    It is always so great to see your e-mail pop up on my screen!! I check it every night before I retire, since I stay up so very late. It is such a happy way to end my day! Again, this entry was fabulously fun. I love “cozy,” especially during a winter like this! We do cozy at our home at night with candles lit, fire light, and each piece of art in our living room has a light attached to the top of the frame.
    All other lights are off and we snuggle under throws and surround ourselves with mushy pillows. I think red wine is “cozy” as well. 🙂
    Love your choices of pics that so perfectly support your theme.
    I missed the Oscars as well but caught up on the fash re-caps the next day.
    I agree with your pics and would add to my list the gorgeous dress that Cate Blanchette wore with the perfect bod with which to pull it off! Wow!!
    Also the style of Amy Adams’ dress was another fine fit, just did not love the color choice for her. I was very proud of Bruce Dern for telling Ryan Secrest what a great job he does! Ryan is the best!! A Dick Clark reincarnation!
    He looked fine in white. One girl was rockin’ a red purse that had the wow factor.
    Thx again for your beautiful thoughts and photos!!
    Love it all!

    • Hi Victoria, I forgot about the wine! Indeed, a fire, candles, wine and chocolate = cozy night! I just wish someone would come up with a process for decaf chocolate so I could enjoy more in the evening!

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