Client Office Project Part 2

Client Office Project Part 2

Yesterday I showed you the before photos of a study I was asked to design. I left you with the finalists for the choices for the desk that I sent them via email. They didn’t take long to decide at all. And, the winner is……

Here is the back side, which will be visible because the desk will float in the room.

I was happy with their choice,  because it was a bit different, and the wood tones would work with not only the antique file cabinet, but with the cork floor as well. Everything else begins to fall into place now. I sent them the big sheets of paint color samples and they decided on a color, and I was thrilled, because I thought this was the best of all samples and the one I was really the most pleased with, especially because of the choice they made for the desk. All were grays tones, which goes with the industrial vibe for this office. Here is how it looks with the paint on the wall. First a before as a reminder ……..and if you missed yesterday and more before photos, see here.


A nice color, not the best for this office.

AFTER:  Here we go…….a new office is on it’s way…….big change, yes?

SW found the blanket. I placed it on a white chair to show them how it might look.

I drove down from Virginia the weekend after it was painted and loved the color even better in seeing it on the walls. We went out that day to shop for some items, including a new fan. We found a pillow and the table runner we all liked.

We all decided that the W was perfect for the top. SW, the wife, had already found a lovely statue of a French Bulldog, and it worked perfectly with the direction I had in mind. We had a ball that afternoon shopping.

We had some fun moments when we found something and all three of us said “yes” at the same time. We laughed and it was an enjoyable and fun day as we started to pull the room together.

One of their three beloved pups, “Bling”, was not having as much fun as we were. She just wants her Dad to get the room done so she can sit on his lap again while he works!!

By the end of the weekend we had a lot of what we needed. We found an amazing fan……BW actually spotted it first. It is very cool and industrial looking, but of the size and scale appropriate for the room. I also decided that the window needed a pelmet. During our shopping adventure, we found a fabric remnant that was perfect! I decided to make it, so took the fabric home with me along with the measurements, and I would come back once the rug and a chair had been decided on.

Well, tomorrow the big reveal. Along the way we had to make a few adjustments but they all worked out. More on that tomorrow. Laters,  charisse







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