Chihuly Glass Exhibit Part 5

Chihuly Glass Exhibit Part 5

The next exhibit was simply incredible, not just for the sheer number of pieces, but for the color combinations, the size and complexity. It was huge. What was so amazing about this entire exhibit was how close up  you  were allowed to get. No “whoopsie’s” allowed here! It was mesmerizing to be able to get down low and  to see it all so close up (as well as being able to photograph from that angle), and to be able to observe how intricate and exquisite each piece was. It was like a floating lagoon, and in fact was called “Laguna Torcello” and pays homage to a lagoon near Venice, the city where Chihuly spent considerable time  studying and refining his art. This enormous  work of art sits on a highly glossed black platform, comprises 1,500 individual pieces of glass, and although suggestive of sea life, it is merely that – suggestive. These pieces were colorful, felt as though they were moving and in summary were”Spectacular” and  “Over the Top”!  This room was a photographer’s nirvana, and I took more photos here than anywhere in the 12,000 square feet of glass art contained in the total of  the eight installations. I hope you enjoy the photos. It was difficult to choose which one’s to share…….




DSC02604 DSC02611 DSC02634 DSC02585 DSC02663 DSC02673

Dale Chihuly begins the process by making drawings. They had some of his inspiration drawings up on a wall. The last installation was futuristic and fun, but originating in Chihuly’s mind from images of the southwest. Called “Neon Tumblweed” it seemed to be a favorite of the many children attending.

DSC02691 DSC02688 DSC02469

So there you have it. There is such a joyfulness to his work, yet it is also lyrical, emotional. Dale Chihuly knows how to build and deliver drama on both a large and a grand scale. These assemblages that I have shared with you over several posts all seemed to have a playful air to them as well, stimulating to the senses, dramatic, and yet calming. At times I was deeply moved. There was something here that could appeal to most anyone. Hope you enjoyed this series.Thank you for stopping by and I hope you will come visit me again.  charisse




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