Chihuly Glass Exhibit Part 4

Chihuly Glass Exhibit Part 4

Today I am continuing by posting, first, the Northwest influenced installation called “Tabac Baskets” of the Chihuly Museum Exhibit. Quite a departure from the riot of color we saw in earlier posts. As you entered the room your eyes were immediately drawn to….. the colorful Pendleton Blankets hanging full length across the wall. At the exit end were sepia tones portraits of some Native Americans, incredibly revealing and beautiful. In the middle  and on the opposite wall was the glass, it’s colors soft and in various shades of cream, tan, white. These pieces of glass were more monochromatic and placed among Native American tribal baskets, which  were works of art all by themselves. This room felt so organic, so much a walk through history.

When thinking about color for a room, one must decide about how much color to use, and ask the question –  am I more drawn to monochromatic or colorful spaces. Sometimes one might be drawn to wild or bright color combinations, but perhaps that isn’t what one might want to live with day to day. There are ways to strike a balance. This exhibit certainly had a way of making you think in different ways about color and texture.



DSC02523 DSC02522 DSC02515 DSC02514 DSC02503 DSC02498


DSC02505 DSC02516


The next exhibit was the” Reeds on Logs”. The tall glass reeds, 200 in number, were set into salvaged old growth cedar logs, and reminded me of the cattails that I used to see growing in the Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge. Although these reeds were glass, and turquoise in color, set against an inky black wall, they seemed to glow as though lit from inside. It was quite striking, with a very modern feel to the glass, yet a very organic feel of the installation taken as a whole. This was again, a rather large exhibit.

DSC02680 DSC02684 DSC02683 DSC02682 DSC02687

Tomorrow we will finish up with the most impressive of them all. Just when you thought Dale Chihuly couldn’t impress you anymore! Hope you will come back and visit again. cheers, charisse

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