Can a Stove be Beautiful? La Cornue

Can a Stove be Beautiful? La Cornue

I have so admired these stoves for forever it seems, and have never been so fortunate as to own one. They are examples of beautiful design and function. La Cornue began over a century ago when illuminating gas first arrived throughout Paris in the early 1900’s. The founder was Albert Dupuy, who was an innovator, gastronome, and artisan when he created his first oven in 1906. The ovens and stoves have advanced as technology has, to include gas and electric components. La Cornue remains a small company (about 60 employees!) and continues to innovate and produce what many cooks consider a perfect dream range. They come in an amazing range of colors, in Brilliant, Matte and Utra finishes. They also offer brushed or polished brass, stainless or copper fittings and trim. This may sound like a commercial, but this is not a paid post (don’t I wish), and I don’t get a free stove (don’t I wish), but it is just a designers longing as she draws a plan and thinks about her next home and interior, especially the kitchen, where almost all the activity takes place. It has to do with acknowledging and admiring a product, superbly designed that will not go obsolete or die on the vine after the requisite appliance life of 10 years in our built in obsolescence mentality. It is a rare and wonderful thing when form meet function and also approaches an art form. There is a price to pay, from about $7000 for a small range all the way up to $100,000 for the huge, luxury and completely custom model. Most are priced in the $7000 to $20,000 range. Surely you will find a stove and kitchen that you like from the examples of beautiful kitchens below. They are actually quite versatile in how they fit into various design styles.

Many colors and finishes to choose from. The weightiness of the trim speaks to its quality.

Wonderful trim details, these stoves are handmade all the way.

ELEGANT, Sooo elegant in gray and white.

Here we see an example of La Cornue cabinetry that compliments the stove. Again, available in colors and finishes of your choosing.

Pretty in red……

Soft, soothing kitchen color choices.

The yellow crocks above the stove really bring out the beauty of the brushed brass trim on the range. I am not a fan at all of subway tile, but with the stove the star of the kitchen, I can accept it, kinda.   source-House Beautiful

Interesting how here they mixed copper in the hood with brass on the range. Interesting also that they used stacked stone, a more modern approach, with a less modern tile behind.

Love the floor and beams. Would like to see a slightly different shade of yellow, although photographs, even Architectural Digest ones, cannot always capture the color perfectly as it actually is.  source Architectural Digest.

The blue really pops against the white of the cabinetry and hood. source

Unusual to see a La Cornue installed in a center island, but it seems to work here, and very well.   source

What a stone arch that surrounds this range. Look how many ovens!  source

The design, scale and color makes these ranges the big star in the kitchen. If you love to cook, I bet people still say first, when walking into your kitchen…..”wow, what a range” rather than noticing the beautiful spread of food you have prepared. But it is understandable, yes?   source

Although this is lovely, I have never understood how, if you like to cook, you would place a range or stove of any type in an alcove without any counter space. Turning constantly to the island behind gets old…….and quickly. yaou can see how the wall to the right of the stove takes a beating, as larger pots and pans would literally touch the wall.     source

Here, at least, there is enough counter space to lay down spoons, ladles, bowls, seasoning, oils etc. really like the floors. The stove color really enhances the art leaning on the hood, or is it the other way around?  source

I love, love this kitchen. Even though I love black, you would think that all black cabinets and range would be too much, but it looks classy and elegant, and more like a room of beautiful furniture. Amazing how a range can elevate a room to such status. I would love to see the rest of this kitchen, but was unable to find more photos.   source

Here you can’t see the range, but you can see the matching integrated cabinetry. Here, I can accept the subway tile.  Well designed kitchen.   source

Lovely old world. Look how the brick on the right backsplash stops and stone begins. Looks right and perfect with the addition of the art on each side. I use art in my kitchen frequently and with no problem. A bit more to clean, but its impact is worth it.   source

Bright, clean looking. I like the addition of a lamp on a kitchen counter or island. source

I like the contrast of the black millwork and the whitewashed brick  with the copper hood. I like how they mixed the color of the dining chairs, and the cabinets, where neither the black or the white dominates in the room.  source

Very cool kitchen details. The ceiling is fabulous and notice all the mini pendant lights hanging among the larger lanterns. I bet it is amazing at night. Notice also the island… underneath like a fine piece of furniture, it has marquetry on the doors and lovely hardware.   source

Even the burners are beautiful.  source

Bright, functional kitchen. The visual weight of the stove is balanced by the white frm sink and the white island in this galley kitchen.  source

Read the comment above……eee gads – I can’t imagine 5 flights of stairs.   source

I didn’t think I wanted a pot filler in my kitchen, but I have come to appreciate them and would have one in my next home.   source

A crisp nautical feel to this kitchen with the stainless and some brass trim instead of all brass.   source

Old World in yellow.   source

Oh my, look at the knobs on this stove!    source

I would have suggested a different color for the stove in this kitchen, but it is still beautiful.  source

Wonderful!     source- Architectural Digest

The space available because of the design in even the smaller range is incredible.  Source

Beautiful kitchen….the details are glorious. Look at the island countertop, the furniture tucked alongside, the plate stand on the island. Just stunning.   Source

Really like how they used furniture for cabinets on each side of the range. The stone walls are perfect.   Source

Another bright kitchen. Here I can barely accept the subway tile however. La Cornue cabinetry along the entire wall blends seamlessly with the range.   Source

Well, I hope you found a kitchen or two you liked. Fancy range aside, they were very nice kitchens. Thanks for stopping by. Laters,  charisse







  1. My wife and I just bought a Chateau floor model from Williams Sonoma. They are pricey but worth it so long as you want a stove that will outlast you. Think of how long most ranges last. Not long. La cornue makes an albertine model that runs between $7000-$12000. The 1908 is the better economy option because it has the vaulted oven like the chateau series and is around 10-11k However those are discontinued and becoming hard to get. eBay is a good place to find one on occasion. The chateaus run 30-40k and are ordered and built to your specifications. We managed to buy our floor model at a gigantic discount.

    • Hi Paul, Sorry it took me so long to reply, as I was on a break from blogging. Back now and trying to catch up. I want to thank you taking the time to comment and add some quite helpful insight to anyone looking for one of these kinds of stoves. They are so beautiful, and any help in securing a good price will be appreciated by my followers. charisse

  2. Where do you purchase one

  3. I have seen these in person. They are absolutely gorgeous cooking instruments that are made to perfection. I have often wondered just what it would be like to actually cook on one of them……..maybe some dream will come true…….or win a lottery…..wishful thinking!

    • These truly are heirlooms. If I were looking at a house and didn’t like a thing in it, I would be tempted to buy the house and redesign around it! I really do need to win the lottery, but of course I still need to first buy a ticket!

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