Around My Gardens

Around My Gardens

KBJ was finally able to resolve the color issues and I’m back with some photos of my garden. It has been such an odd spring, with temperature swings from the 60’s straight up to the 90’s and back, with little rain in April, and lots since then. The rain has come by inches and plants are saturated but really lush, green and buds galore. The roses have been blooming for several weeks now, and day lilies are ready, oriental lilies already flowering and oak leaf hydrangeas going strong, although a bit early. At this pace, there will not be much blooming by end of July! Even the mums, as they did last year, and even though I have pruned them back once already, have flower buds! Crazy, but true.

My gift of a dump truck load of topsoil arrived late last Saturday afternoon in mid 90 degree temperatures. They dumped it pretty close to where it needed to be, and my sweet kbj shoveled away in the heat, moving every last bit into a rough shape for this new garden area. Unfortunately since then, we have had rain and thunderstorms, but it looks good for tomorrow. I am excited to show before and afters in coming posts. The weather will be a bit cooler, so it will be more pleasant out working, well, really, playing in the dirt.


My load of topsoil and compost for a new garden area

For now, photos of some of the other garden areas. Oh yes…….yesterday I glanced out the bathroom window, and lo, Mr. 6 ft long (at least) Black Snake was leisurely moving about the side garden areas. I am TERRIFIED of snakes, but realize that these are the good guys. That does not lessen my screaming ability when I see one! In another post I will have to tell you about the really big black snake and kept me prisoner in my van as he sunned himself on the brick wall of my garage! This is no fish story…….this was a mega black snake. The one I saw yesterday had to be a relative. Have I mentioned I am TERRIFIED of snakes? I will brave anything else…..

Anywaaaaay…… photos and a very brief tour. There are more to share, including some new garden areas, containers,posts on how to divide perennials and some planting hints, and lots more. I am excited to show in a coming post the beautiful gardens of a reader in NC. She even sent some before photos so you can enjoy a gorgeous transformation.

Blue Hydrangea and pink Petchoa

Oink Hydrangea with a very old Rubber Tree in the background

A view walking from the driveway to the front door

This area has undergone a major transformation with my truckload of dirt. Coming soon! This photo is from a few weeks ago.

Looking from the driveway directly in front of the garage to the second drive entrance. The large container on the right is a water garden and the water Iris are getting ready to bloom.

View of deck from French doors in the eating area.

Oriental Lilies blooming in a very large container on the deck. They return better and better every year.

View from back deck to first driveway entrance.

This garden was new last year. Will post on it’s development soon.

Another view from the deck.

Thanks for stopping by. Laters, charisse


  1. Margaret Murray

    I’m afraid the snake would have convinced me to move—NOW. Ewww! All creepy crawlies make me crazy. Love the pics. Love to contrast them with the times I’ve visited. Very different from February, right?

  2. Victoria Moores

    Oh My, Oh My, Oh My!!! I had such a Peaceful “stroll” through your gardens with my mug of coffee this morning. We are so privileged to have the internet!! I can hear the water, smell the woods and touch to petals of your flowering friends. The photos are all so gorgeous, I can only imagine actually being there. I love how the colors pop with your use of containers and other lovely landscaping appointments. I make-believe that I am having Jasmine tea and blueberry scones in one of the blue-green chairs with a hint of a breeze and a Sheltie in my lap. Thank you again for sharing the work and play of your hands, Charisse. And an abundant “thank you” for avoiding the urge to send a photo of the big black snake! I too am terrified of the slithering monsters. LOL I have a few more spring garden pics to send from Asheville and then I will stop. It is addictive!! Victoria Moores

  3. Gorgeous Charisse! So lush and inviting and beautiful…I can see your gardens are a labor of love. I featured you and the beautiful book you gave me on my post…try to stop by and thanks again!

    • Tina, Thank you so much. What a surprise. You are a gem.

    • Thank you for your positive comments. Gardening is a labor of love here, as well as a trial of ones patience, LOL. I emailed you, but will mention here how indebted I feel to you. I adore your beautiful blog and your generosity is so appreciated.

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