Aquariums & Decor

Aquariums & Decor

First things first…….it has stopped raining!!! But what the heck, let’s keep a water theme going for one more day. Aquariums have sure come a long way from the globe shaped bowls that we had for what was perhaps a first pet. I had a goldfish and it’s name was Murgatroyd. I have absolutely no memory of why that was its name, I just remember the name. My Mother did use the expression “Heavens to Murgatroyd, but that still doesn’t explain why it became a fish name. He sat on my dresser  in a bowl in my bedroom until his demise, and we had a sad farewell when my Mother informed me that he had to be buried down the toilet. Every time I see the Cosby episode of the toilet funeral for Rudy’s fish, I laugh until I almost pee my pants. How different our perspective is when we are kids. Then as adults my late husband contemplated a fancy salt water aquarium that was pretty big and I thought, wow, pretty cool and “maybe”. Then it became a 100 gallon, and although I always loved aquariums, it wasn’t going to happen in my house. They are like a TV, difficult to integrate into a home in any kind of non-starring role, i.e. they dominate a room. I also knew the upkeep would fall to me despite Phillip’s pleading puppy eyes…..”I promise, I will take care of it”!  We already had dogs, cats and horses, and that was more than enough. Yet I always found myself mesmerized by fish and to this day wish there was the time and space to have one. I have thought about getting a Siamese Fighting fish because a reasonable sized bowl keeps them happy. I also love those Goldfish with the huge faces and eyes…..I would name mine Chubby. Alas, I still don’t have one, and with my schedule, probably better that I don’t. I am still wishing for a mini-horse because I miss having horses, but alas, Santa has ignored me.

I maintain that if every household had an aquarium, you could use it to calm down a child having a temper tantrum; and every dentist and doctors office should have one. I do remember that many did when I was a child. Anyway,  let’s look at the evolution of aquariums, from small to amazing.

Opps, the wrong kind of goldfish………

What child that gets a goldfish doesn’t carry that precious cargo like it is the most important responsibility they had ever had. “Hurry, hurry Mom, my fishy is gonna run outta air”.

These are so pretty. I have seen really large ones in Koi ponds and they eagerly come to the surface when they see you.

Now KBJ, an accomplished guitar player, would love to have this to add to his guitar collection. Well, maybe.

This is interesting because it is all glass. It resembles a specimen on display.

As a designer, I have to say, this could be a really lovely room with some art and color and architectural detail added to the room. Sorry, it’s in my blood- I can’t look at a room like this and not think- “what if I did this or that”. The aquarium is beautiful though. I wonder if the fish in the tank respond to the music from the piano?

This is how I remember aquariums in professional business settings. In the home, they would make a beautiful room divider.

So pretty…….

Now someone went to a great deal of expense to custom install this baby. A little design help for the rest of the room and it could be spectacular.

A retired phone booth put to good use. I bet there are kids today that don’t know what a phone booth is! Do they even have them anymore?

Commercial aquariums have become more popular, larger and some are incredibly spectacular.

For the home there are some that are utilitarian…….also, a baby learning to crawl would enjoy something at his eye level, and the family cat could be entertained for hours on end. At night, with the light on, it must be quite lovely.

You are going to laugh, but I think I would like this. I hate the furniture, but I like the concept. No counting sheep in this family! What’s really very cool – look to the left and right sides – there are lamps that would normally sit on the night stands, in the same position, but inside the aquarium. You know, any disagreement or dilemmas would be shortly minimized if you just laid there and let the assured calm wash over you from watching the fish, or counting them.

Now this I could handle…..perfect for my desk, and the design is rather nice. Not too crazy about the “egg” stones on the bottom though.

Or I could go for an aquarium of felt fish. No upkeep here.

I thought this so much fun. What child wouldn’t like to have this? Wonder what the fish think when the kids spit their toothpaste out, or even just run the water? Sure is a conversation starter if you put it in a guest bathroom? Whimsy for sure.

Now you’re talking!

Another take on a coffee table fish habitat.

There are aquariums that have sleep over programs. What fun, and I am sure memorable. These kinds of experiences can ignite wonder and imagination in children, and who knows what kind of spark it might lead to when a child is trying to decided what they want to be when they grow up.

A male Siamese Fighting Fish or Beta.

These are the bowls that many people keep them in, but I have read that they actually will do much better in an even larger one. They are jumpers and can quite easily jump from a bowl without a top.

They come in many colors.

Cute, but tiny and not really fair to the fish!

I find these goldfish to be so kinda cute in an odd way.

You can buy these to hang by your desk or on a wall.

Or go big again! The undersea world is at once mysterious and magical.

Way too small, but who would have thunk? They left the filament in the bulb….not too safe for the fish though!

Weird, but original. Again, not sure it is really deep enough for fish to be happy.

I like this one in some ways, at least design wise.

I just had to include the reason we are talking about aquariums….the fish. It is amazing how colorful and varied fish are. Birds, fish and insects make humans look rather boring! Nature is so colorful and yet humans often avoid color. Go figure.

And how about some coral for a salt water tank?

The color in this tank are so muted, serene… it a lot.

Amazing shape and color.

Blue and yellow. We can look to nature for color combinations that will always work equally as well in a design setting.

This is really done nicely. By just using pink stone in the bottom of the tank, it fits nicely into a little girls decor.

An adult version that fits the size and scale of the room. Throw a few orange pillows on the couch and whoa-la decorated.

The crazy and wondrous shapes of fish seems unending.

They are graceful, colorful and interesting……sounds good to me.

Really, why were humans born with just one color of skin all over? Think about it? Elephants may be all gray, but they at least have a trunk to make them interesting.

I can understand why scuba divers can’t get enough of under the sea time.

So much life under the sea, large and small.

How can you beat this?

Grumpy looking but beautiful.

These colors provide amazing camouflage.

Pick your blue, the underwater can dish any shade up.

It is in an aquarium that we wish and maybe attempt to replicate, even on a small scale, the fascination many of us have with the ocean.

Another way to enjoy an aquarium in the bedroom. Just pray there is never a leak! And I thought my washing machine created a flood! And my washing machine only contained soap, water and clothes… fish.

In the kitchen. Now this I could go along with. I will have to file this idea away.

This is one, whether you like the decor or not, that at least is complimentary to furniture choices. How about the ceiling! Give me a good book, some beautiful music, and I would never leave my chair.

No TV, entertainment wall in this house! Notice the middle aquarium is curved to boot.

Here the TV actually plays second fiddle to the aquarium. Now that is a change. Look out that window – this room sits near the water and there is a lighthouse as well. Yup, this will do.

I would not get much work done with this as my desk.

What a serene and restful room this is. I recommend this for every psychiatrists office.

Another nice size to maybe start with? This is loaded with neons. My brother had Neon fish when he got his first aquarium.

And for those space movie or robotic fans, there is now an aquarium just for you. This little guy is motorized, so the fish can have new views once in a while.

An aquarium in a bar……and a beautiful one at that.

Another relic of the past repurposed. What would our children think?

I like this and could easily see fitting this in a variety of decorating styles.

Big tank, and only a few lonely fish. Nice idea, but some plants and some color please.

An under the ocean view without getting wet. Amazing.

Kinda cute…..

Interesting way to repurpose. Don’t think I would have ever thought of this.

This is the same room from near the top, but from a different angle and with the blinds closed.  Still needs some finish work however. The corals in this tank are gorgeous from this perspective.

My love of horses extends to the sea. I would have seahorses as a prominent member in any aquarium I might have.

So varied in color as well, and simply magical and whimsical.


So there you have it. Water, sea creatures, whimsy, color and fascination. Hope that makes for a nice Wednesday for you all. Thanks for stopping by.   Laters, charisse



  1. how much are the guitar aquariums

  2. My grandson Michael and his dad recently did a sleepover with the Boy Scouts at the Georgia aquarium and had a blast sleeping with the fish. Can’t help remembering the movie the Godfather – Luca Brazzi sleeps with the fishes. Nothing to do with my grandson just my old age brain jumping from subject to subject!

    • While researching and looking for photos I read that several aquariums have these terrific stay overnight programs and Scouts are the most frequent guests. I look forward to visiting the Georgia Aquarium….I have read that it is really something special. I am simply amazed at how they engineer these places to withstand all the pressure of the water.

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