Apocalypse? Zombie Attack? No Problem For This House….

Apocalypse? Zombie Attack? No Problem For This House….

Worried about an Apocalypse? Maybe a Zombie attack? Maybe you just don’t want Santa to come down your chimney, or do you need to choose a specific night where he can have access? How about noisy or nosy or obnoxious neighbors? How about a house where home owners insurance probably isn’t necessary? For what ever reason, here is a building that might be the end all of all buildings. Don’t let the top secret look fool you. Please make sure that you scroll down to look at all the photos, because you would otherwise miss what makes this “building” so incredible. I would love to have the owner over for dinner to listen to his inspiration and thought process! Or maybe not! The award winning architect, Robert Konieczny works in Poland, and is considered one of the top architects in Europe and the world. He has designed and built some beautiful homes and commercial building which can be seen at the link I provided at the end of the post. Some pretty amazing designs. 

Looks like a bunker……top secret.

Here, part of the gates are open…looking almost like a memorial of sorts.

View of street side from just inside the gates.

The opposite side and back.

What’s that coming down from the exterior wall……

It’s morphing now……

Notice the cat…….Can you imagine being closed up and suddenly the dog has to go out?

The back all opened up, with the swimming pool pavilion to the left in the photo. You can see now where the gangplank attaches to the pool house when it is down.

The man allows for a sense of scale, and it is actually a pretty large house. You can see a glimpse of the dining area to the right.

Kitchen to the right, and when the huge door is lifted, al fresco dining to the left, with a lighted pool house visible in the evening sky.

The outdoor area is level and although minimalist, still pleasing.

Actually, the spaces are bright and open when not a fortress.

Contemporary spaces really shine at night with all the glass exposure.

Thanks to Buddy, “cub reporter” for the email about this. Here is a video I found with the architect talking about the details. Actually quite interesting, about 6 minutes long. This gives new meaning and oomph to “OK son, you are grounded…….”, or :ok my daughter, you were out past curfew and are late coming home….let me ask a few questions before I let you in.” Maybe gives some authority and respect back to the parents, although in todays world the kids are pretty tech savvy, maybe more than a lot of parents, so they could turn the tables. Better yet, build this in Washington, D.C. and put all our representatives in it, close it down and not let them out until they learn to work together and no potty breaks until they do. The end.



Architect: Robert Konieczny   to see more photos of the house click here

Collaboration: Marcin Jojko, Lukasz Zadrzynski

Interior Design: Magdalena Radalowicz-Zadrzynska

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