Antiques, a little French, a little Modern…….

Antiques, a little French, a little Modern…….

Today, a bit of mixing it up. Let’s start with some antiques and antique reproductions, then on to fun and whimsical modern, and then closing with a little bit of France. First on board…..Tenango is a purveyor of fine antiques and antique reproductions. Going through their showroom raises my heart rate!
You can see more of their offerings on their website here. And yesterday, on a side note, right on schedule, my wonderful Hummingbirds are back, and quite happy that I was ready with their feeder! And they let me know when it is empty by darting around my head to get my attention. They certainly don’t immediately drop what they are doing to go to the store when my food pantry is empty. So tiny, so bratty!

I really love antique dough bowls. So many uses for them…..I have a smaller one, and I put all my bread, cookies, chips, the kinds of things we grab all the time. I would use this one for placing of potted plants on my island, or filled with favorite things. If I were a knitter, I would put all my yarns and needles in it….pretty!

I don’t need my island to cook if I have these to greet me standing there every time I walk into my kitchen! See, that is how you justify these kinds of purchases….just say to your honey…..” we have talked about this diet thing. If we can’t get to the island to cook, we will be skinny”. After buying these I probably couldn’t afford food anyway. I wanted one, but chose not to look at the price tags in order to avoid temptation. I would love to use these for a client in a modern interior.

You may know by now my love of blue and white. The red dots meant they were already sold………..all had red dots, bummer.

I absolutely went crazy over the possibilities with these……..go modern, go many ways. I especially liked the creative draping of the rope around the vessel. Sold also.

Remember the white lamps from yesterday? I saw a lot of accessories in white. Versatile, clean, classic. Mix in with other color or let them stand alone, or add flowers, fruit, bamboo, reeds…….

Pretty blue and white. Notice the geometric base on this table…..saw lots of it in accessories and case goods – furniture.

These may look like nothing more than hallowed out tree trunks, but oh the possibilities! A faux arrangement in a foyer next to a water feature. I would love to use them in a garden…..placed next to a huge angular boulder or two, lining the tree insides with pots of ferns, or flowers in a myriad of combinations, and maybe a weeping from of red Japanese Maple behind or off to the side. Stunning!


How about a few items in a fun and completely different vein. The accessories from here made me smile. They are from  NCA Design. They have a terrific web site where you can see their furniture as well. They are hip yet classic. One of my favorite showrooms……I could see these accessories below as supplying the inspiration for a woman’s office (like my next office!!), or in a contemporary or modern setting, and more. These surely can inspire the imagination. If you love color, they’ve got it, fresh, fun and original.


A little bit funky, a lot fun…….

Their showroom window begged me to come in. So glad I did!

Those faces made everyone that passed them laugh or smile. That table is tempting me to use as a desk, especially with a Ghost chair.

Sitting pretty in red and white, with the green wall accent……..

A girl just has to have some bling!

Yellow, white and green, which leaves a different , but still cool impression.

Here, they added some chic gray.

And last for today, a little bit of France. Tara Shaw LTD., French antiques and European reproductions (her Maison line) is based in New Orleans. Shaw’s signature style of mixing old world pieces with contemporary art has won her coveted spots on TV and magazine covers.

Old world furniture paired with contemporary art.

Here is an example of old world and modern, with the sculpture on the dresser, and the modern art to the left of the bed.


A few misc. photos…….

Notice the unusual piece in the center. Also the wine glasses someone was too lazy to put in a proper place. I saw quite a bit of that!

That’s it for today…….tomorrow I will finish up my High Point Market adventure. Click here in case you missed Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday’s Market Review. Next week I will be heading out to the gardens,Yeah!, as well as working and sharing a garden house project that will give me some much needed additional space for arranging cut flowers, working on garden projects, seed saving and more. The rain has stopped, and it is warming up some. My cousins are stopping by next week on their way back to cooler weather in CT after wintering in Florida, where it is now a bit hot and humid. So looking forward to their visit. Thanks again for stopping by. Laters, charisse

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