Adding Art on Wall Next to Desk….

Adding Art on Wall Next to Desk….

I have an area to the left side of my desk that needed the addition of  something to balance things out. I already had an antiqued metal sun that Keith got for me at a lovely shop called Twig in Chapel Hill, NC. I really enjoyed having the sun where I could see it because it was a bit different and made me smile. However, the blank wall above it needed filling. I couldn’t put anything too deep there, like a shelf or file because of the door on the hutch above my desk opening towards the wall. A piece of art would be nice, and I happened to have one I have wanted to frame, and knew basically what frame style would work both shape and color wise. I happened to be in the Dollar Store picking up some cleaning supplies, and as is usual, I had to look around for anything that might come in handy for crafts or DIY. This particular store is closing (sigh) and everything is on sale.



As luck would have it, on this trip I found a wood frame that I thought just might work. It is actually quite nice, solid wood, and similar to a framing molding I had looked at in the framing store that would have cost considerably more. This frame was originally $3.50 and was on clearance for $2.oo less 10%. A bargain for sure, and if it didn’t work for this framing project, I would use it on another. When I returned home I held it up on the  wall space, and it would work just fine. The frame finish color matched the hardware on the desk and hutch above, and the swirl pattern of the wood ties in with the patterns on some storage baskets nearby , also on the hutch.



This will go quickly if you assemble everything you might need before you begin.




The next step is to remove the print and matting from the frame. To do this, first flip the frame over to the back. Remove the protective cardboard off of the corners, using needle nose pliers to remove the staples holding it on; remove the cardboard covering the hanger, and then all the remaining staples.



Next, take your knife, and carefully slit the backing paper along the edges on all four sides.




Remove this paper and set aside for later. This exposes the cardboard that serves as a backing and holds the piece inside. It is held in by staples. Using your needle nose pliers, remove these staples, set aside for later. Remove the cardboard , matting and print.





Next, take the opportunity to clean the glass, front and back, making sure it is completely dry before placing the new print and matting. I had already purchased a double mat at Michaels for just a couple of dollars on sale, that was perfect for this print, so I put the one that came in the frame away to use at another time. Because of the thickness of my print and new double mat, I did not need to use any further backing. I did tape the sticker with the art print info on the paper backing that I had removed earlier, and placed it on top of the new print and backing before I replaced the staples. It is fairly easy to find the original holes. I used the needle nosed pliers to push them back in securely. Then I used a piece of card stock to cover the back using rubber cement to attach it. I looks nicer than just levying the staples exposed. You can get fancy and use a pretty or colored paper, such as scrapbook or colored or patterned construction paper or card stock. Notice I also moved the hanger from the longer side to the shorter side. It was easy to do since it was screwed on and thus easy to remove and replace.





Here is the framed print all finished. Total cost for frame and mats less than $6.00. Hard to beat compared to custom framing. The glass is not UV glass, which would have added a few dollars to replace, but in this case I did not consider it a problem, and reused the glass the frame came with.



Next is a glimpse of the space it now fills perfectly. I apologize for not showing more of the desk/office area, but this new space became my upstairs office only after a rather large remodeling, and I want to share that in later posts. You can see how the frame ties in with the basket design to the right of the sun.



In case you cannot read the full quote underneath the dogs in the frame, here they are below.  I am happy to have the print where I work the most, easily glimpsed.  Between the sun and the print, it just might be impossible not to smile or laugh.  cheers, charisse






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