A Short Holiday Wish…..

A Short Holiday Wish…..



The above framed Christmas piece was given to me years and years ago by a dear friend, and every year I look forward to placing it in a special place. It has become a tradition. The words are below……..


                             Remember when we were children

                             and we spent weeks and months

                             waiting for Christmas,

                             when the night before Christmas

                              seemed to last forever

                              and we worried that Santa

                              just might forget to stop at our house

                               Well, he never did —

                               Somehow he always managed to drop by                                                               

                           And it was never how much he left us that counted

                             It was simply that he had remembered us.

Wishing you a magical and beautiful holiday. charisse


  1. Happy New Year, Charisse. I appreciate you so much and am glad so many others do as well.

  2. Merry Christmas precious friend and hugs to K and all the furries in your home.

  3. I remembered you and how special you are to us! Love Kim and Gene…..

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