A Quiet Sunday

A Quiet Sunday

Today started cool and clear. My master bedroom is a wall of glass, and I had cool breezes filtering in all night. It was delightful to be able to turn off the A/C and enjoy fresh air. This morning KBJ had to leave for NC, so after breakfast I opened the front door to walk with him to his car, and to my right a dew covered spider’s nest caught my eye. It was weaving its web between the porch column and a boxwood. On second glance, and through the camera lens, I discovered it was a moth as I continued to watch fascinated. Below are a few photos. After KBJ was on his way, and before the heat arrived, I planted two perennial daisies in the garden, as well as an perennial aster. I then thought it high time I planted two small containers, photos below.


Here you can see it is a moth rather than a spider.


I found this pot at a thrift store for $5. I thought I had won the lottery. I really like it a lot.

I had 2 Persian Shield plants, and decided against planting them in the garden this late. They are not hardy in my region, and they came to the garden center late this year, so I decided to plant them in my new found pot. I will overwinter them and make cuttings from this once it grows a bit and is settled in it’s new home in the pot.

Here it is planted. I already pinched the long stem to the left. These root so very easily, so I will have a new plant soon.

She sat on the workbench for too long. It was time to plant her head! Now mind you, I am not at all a fan of painted portraits. As you walk around a room, their eyes follow you, especially the old ones of ancestors! However, once in a while I see a concrete planter similar to this one that I found in NC, and say, hmmmm, I think I like it. I took this lady home with me. That being said, look at the photos below and tell me she isn’t watching me!

Look at her expression now, and in the next photo. OK, I took the photos at different angles, but still………

OK- time to plant this lady. I feel like a brain surgeon!

Asparagus fern implant!

I debated about adding some begonia and either creeping Jennie or vinca, but frankly, this fern will fill and spill in a week. They grow so fast!

Does she look pleased, amused? Maybe bored?

A gentler side of her.

Very sweet, don’t you think?

Here you can see a corner of my terrific potting bench. I don’t know how I managed before KBJ built it for me several years ago for my birthday. The lady head planter was heavy, heavy, and so for a while I think I will leave her there to greet me on my way into the garden house.

Lastly, I leave you with a bloom from my Hibiscus. It has been so rainy and not much sun this summer, or at least not enough to make it bloom well, that I am delighted that it has set lots of buds and is now blooming with the sun we have had. Yeah!!!


Well, these were my Sunday garden projects. I have another big project coming up, and can’t wait to share it with you. Hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Laters, charisse



  1. Victoria Moores

    Your rose-hair lady has a beautiful profile! I love the asparagus fern in this planter. When looking face to face, she looks as tho she is meditating; perfect for a restful garden. The $5.00 deal is quite the find! Your photos are glorious. The spider web is very photogenic.I am sure K will return to some amazing, artistic surprises! Always a treat to visit your whimsical days. Thank you for sharing.

    • Yes, my plant haired lady has a beautiful profile, and she can grow plants in her head, something I for sure cannot do! Trying to do a few projects that I can manage without KBJ. Tomorrow I am heading with a friend to a huge garden center on the other side of the mountain to see if I can find some Virginia sweet spire (I need 3 more) and some bargains. Enjoy your week.

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