A Little Change is Good.

A Little Change is Good.

The  great room is where I spend most of my time when I am home or not in my corner office in the library. The TV is in here and sits on top of the bookcase /display area and fireplace mantel that runs the entire width of the room. There is a nice sized window in here that has wood blinds, as do the other windows in this area. It is a bright room, and sometimes depending on the time of year, the sun shines in and makes it difficult to see the TV. I have total privacy because the house is set into 7 acres of woodland, and I prefer no window treatments for the most part. In this room however I didn’t care for it with just the blinds, so I finally decided to put up two panels. I already had the curtain rod, so for very little, I think it now looks a bit more finished. My two pooches, Carter and Whitley both came in after I finished and immediately knew something was different and went right over to the window to check things out. My biggest critics, those two! Their opinion? A little change is good.


I have already moved the love seat away from the window a bit so the rod could be hung.

It was one of those gray snowy days but it is still very bright in the room.

I hung the rod and curtain at the top of the window trim.

My windows are tall, and my ceilings are 9 feet in this room. I plan on adding deep crown molding (taking down the piece on the front wall) and if I hung the curtains any higher I wouldn’t have any room for the trim.

It does make a difference.

Here you can see from this angle that I don’t have a lot of space left above the window.

This room gets a lot of use. The pupsters are in here a lot, and it gets a lot of use, especially during the Olympics!!

On this and the larger matching sofa on the opposite wall, I keep an animal print soft cover on the cushions to protect them from Carter and Whitley. They sleep in this room at night and Carter thinks he should have a choice of where to sleep even though they have quite cushy beds in front of the fireplace. Afghans are quite sneaky, although he is pretty good about not jumping up onto the sofas.


So there you have it, a small but quick change and I have to say I am enjoying it. Thanks for stopping by. Laters, charisse


  1. margaret cummings

    really looks nice with the panels.

  2. Where did you get the leopard cover, Charisse? I’m not a window treatment person either as I like light and don’t like the dust they collect…but this was a wonderful addition to the room. Thank you!

    • I found the leopard print cover at JCP. Here is the link JCP leopard blanket I got the king sizes during a clearance sale for a bit less than the sale now, but I can tell you they are solo soft! I got a larger size than I needed thinking I could eventually use them as bed blankets when I get my sectional.

  3. Isn’t it amazing how one new change can transform a room. I noticed that you have different end tables and lamps bedside your sofa. I love that concept and have done the same with my sofa and also in my bedroom, using different end tables I’m only sorry I didn’t carry through with the lamps. Beautiful room! I also have a throw on my sofa just in case Luci decides she needs a better spot for her slumber. She refuses to sleep on any bed I buy for her. Fussy girl.

    • This is a room always in transition. The sofa and love seat go a ways back from a formal room setting in the farmhouse, but both are in excellent condition so it is hard to think about doing something major. I really would prefer a sectional in this room, but not right now. The larger of the two end tables was an inherited piece. It is constructed of black and burled walnut with a leather top. The leather top needs replacement….on the project list. I have always seemed to prefer unmatched furniture, and now it is almost the norm. Luci and your sofa….you have a bigger problem….a giant breed dog that can be immovable! We do spoil our 4 legged kids for sure. Thanks for reading.

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