A Connecticut Shingle Home of a Different Sort

A Connecticut Shingle Home of a Different Sort

This home is huge, and intriguing.  It won 5 HOBI awards (Home Builder Assoc.). It has just about everything one needs in order to keep a family busy and kids out of trouble! Ironically, it doesn’t have a barn for horses. I say ironic because I was perusing luxury horse properties, when I came across this Wilton, CT Shingle style home and I thought, goodness gracious, it would take me a year to begin enjoying everything in the house no less learn what switch turns on which light or system. I have nightmares about living in a house like this. I have a considerable number of square feet in my present home and I still have not mastered my lights and systems switches after almost 10 years. This house is 20,000 sq ft, with 26 rooms that includes 9 bedrooms, 8.2 baths, 6 fireplaces, 2 wine cellars, a tasting room, and two “rooms” you will not believe, shown in photos below. You will know when you scroll and find them which ones I am talking about. Enjoy another Shingle style New England Home of a different sort! Here we go…….

Classic New England shingle architecture. It does not appear as imposing as 20,000 might suggest. Notice the two covered balconies and the metal roof on the dome. I am a huge fan of a porte cochere, and this one is beautifully situated in the middle of the left side extension.

The back side of the house where it is more imposing. The pool house is quite large and might also be a guest house. Notice the lengthy pool slide in the foreground……what fun on a hot New England day. Also, the trampoline is visible to the left.

The staircase from upstairs. I am sharing several photos of it because it is exceptionally beautiful.Notice the ceiling and huge chandelier.

The repeating of curves, in the balcony and the rail of the staircase as well as the walls themselves is a testament to the finish details.

This view allows for a better view of sight lines as well as the stained floor with inset. I am amazed at the intricate floor woodworking. Can you imagine how exact each piece has to be because of the curves? Gorgeous. I also like that the electrical outlets are in the baseboards instead of on the wall. One is visible on the left.

Art niche and a view from the opposite from above.

Looking up is when you can really appreciate this foyer and staircase.

Traditional living room decor with multi, yet muted colors. I like this room.

In the dining room we see the same drapery fabric and treatment as in the living room above, but here they went “lively” with wall color and carpet border.

The family room, which was visible from the foyer. The coffered ceiling, casual chandelier, rustic stone fireplace and mantel are in contrast to the more formal sectional covered in a more formal fabric. Notice the vibrant color edging on the carpet, similar in tone to the dining room wall, and the three pendant lights by the front windows.

Nice kitchen, though not as large as I would have expected for a house this size. You will perhaps see why further down. For me, especially if I design a kitchen space, I am not a fan of two islands where the seating is so far away from the cooking action. I know there are some cooks who want no interference, but if you have children hanging about, you will be doing a lot of “ring around the rosie” serving snacks, answering homework questions, etc., while cooking.

A second kitchen!

Lots of color in this library-study. I am a huge fan of chesterfield sofas, and this is a beauty. I rather like how the desk area is separate from the sitting area. Loving the leopard pattern carpet, the pattern which seems to be repeated on the chairs in the office area.

Here we see the desk, located next to a fireplace, of which there are six. The woodwork is amazing, and the stain colors are warm without being too dark.

Can we say…….goodness me! A complete replica of a 1950’s diner! Barrel vault ceiling in stainless, the full sized jukebox and the smaller one on the table in the booth, pay telephone, neon light. Even a coke machine down the hall on the right. Only out of place item is a concession to a microwave. I saw this and immediately smiled. Fun, fun, fun.

Billiards anyone? And how about the wine cellars? One to the left and one to the right with a tasting room in the middle. Someone’s important guitar was worth framing and hangs on the wall straight ahead.

Bar area. Bet there were some major parties in this house!

OK, by now you have figured out that this house has an owner that is a major sports fan. The name’s on the framed jerseys are the elite in their sports. Brick paver floor and plank wood ceiling can handle s tossed football or two, or the poker games that have probably been played around that table.

Whew! Breather time……..pretty outdoor space to take in the Connecticut countryside.

Bedroom with raised sitting area. The woodwork throughout is wonderful. Would have liked to see some more done with the ceiling however.

Sitting-TV room, using the same drapery fabric as the fabric used on the bed frame. Lots of light!

Another of the bedrooms, again with a sitting room. We see repetition  here and throughout the house of small doses of the color in the purple/pink family. In this bedroom the fireplace is visible.  I rather like the wallpaper, but would not have repeated it’s pattern in the bed curtains. I like the scale of the small check at the headboard and think I would have used just that. They even picked up the fern pattern in the wallpaper on the fireplace screen. No area rug in this room…….

This sitting room is in the turret visible in the front of the house. It would be my choice for a bedroom. I love curved spaces.

A little girls room. A happy room for sure, but would have done some ceiling detail because of the scale of the room. Even some deeper crown molding would have helped. There is more attention paid to detail in the man cave areas!

More man cave!. Lots more sports memorabilia on the walls. The framed jersey straight ahead is one worn by the Hall of Fame player Cal Ripkin, Jr. Table in front of sofa? Bad.

When I first saw this photo I thought, oh, an aquarium with pretty large fish. Then I saw it was a mosaic. As a massage room, I would do a bit more on the wall to the left. I would bet you that the white cabinet on the right has a TV for a must watch game. So much for a relaxing massage ……?

Really nice mudroom. The herringbone brick on the floor is timeless. The photos all framed in black adds a nice accent. Hoping those children love sports!

Pool House.

Pool house.

View from the back of the house, garages to the right. This house needs hydrangea and some perennials in the garden beds, a staple in New England gardens.

From the back of the house looking towards the porte cochere. Not so sure that driving up I would like a tennis court to be the first thing I would see through the porte-cochere opening. But then again, I do not play tennis.

If I did play tennis, those lovely fences would need to be higher!

Home gym? More like athletic club in your home.

Yup, a climbing wall in the basketball court.

And yes, it is a full sized regulation basketball court. Notice the padded walls…..thinking maybe they played some serious B-ball here.

Pass the popcorn please. A home theatre to beat the band.

On the stage part, kids could have play productions and sell tickets.

Recliners for complete comfort. I wish I could see what the emblem is on the leg rest of the recliners. Notice the stair risers have lights for late comers to find their seats. It is quite an impressive home theatre. From this view, I can almost see the judges from American Idol…….

That’s it. We are back at the front entrance, and it’s time to leave. Some kind of shingle style home I would say.         source

In case you are thinking about purchasing this home, it can be yours for $6,900,000. It sits on 4 acres in Wilton, CT. The yearly real estate taxes are a mind boggling $97,481 a year based on a $4,630,920 assessment.

I hope you all, my dear readers, enjoyed a wonderful fourth of July. It was hot and muggy here, but for one day, we missed the rain, and our little river town was a happening place, with the annual fireworks display ending the day on a happy but noisy note. I wish you all a happy and productive week.  Laters, charisse


  1. I’ll just slink back to my meager 3400 square foot home now….but thanks for the adventure. That leopard carpet looks like the Stark leopard trimmed in their other pattern, leopard rose.

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