Whimsical Christmas Trees

Whimsical Christmas Trees

Most of us have already decorated our tree, or know how we will do it. Even though, I thought it might be fun to take a look at trees that were done with a whimsical approach, and hopefully they will bring a smile to your face. Enjoy……


What child would not smile at a big elf on the shelf in a wheelbarrow?


If you are a collector, what a delightful way to show it off than making a tree of shelves to showcase, in this case, a Christmas village.




This is all about the snow….cleverly done!



An entire tree about Mickey and Minnie Mouse.



Straight out of Willie Wonka……



The Grinch stealing Christmas……This one really made me laugh.



I bet at night with only the lights from the tree it is adorable.



I hope you can see this well on your screen – the stuffed Lion at the top, and other stuffed animals. Adorable.



Another way to display a collection. I imagine it would take some time to do this because each house is individually lighted.



Loving the snowballs on the ground….extra dose of whimsy.



Love this tree……..



Notice how Santa is also the tree skirt. I normally wouldn’t have thought about turquoise ribbon with lots of red, but have seen it on several trees and I really like it.



Yum, it’s all about the gingerbread……wonder if I did something like this whether the pups would leave it alone, or to much of a temptation?



Another yummy one. We used to put a lot of real candy canes on our trees so that anyone could take one and enjoy.



Simple whimsy. love the polka dots.



A tree for a fashionista. Clever.



Not sure what these elves are diving for, but it’s pretty cute.



I have seen quite a few ombre trees, but this one especially appealed to me.



Whimsical and right up my alley!




An up side down tree – who would of thunk? Again, a bit of engineering with all the weight on the top.



Simple and to the point.


I hope you enjoyed the selection. Are you a traditionalist, or do you appreciate a bit of whimsy? Well, just a few more days left until Christmas. Those of you with children must be experiencing a bit of electricity in the air, but hopefully it is a welcome excitement. As for me, below about says it all. Thanks for stopping by. laters,  charisse




  1. Love the sign at the end. Fits me to a “T”. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  2. Love this post! Trees are spectacular! And the quote at the end will have me laughing all day.

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