Trying to Get Them in the Ground

Trying to Get Them in the Ground

The two big containers with Cleome,  and some begonias, grasses, hosts and two house plants from yesterdays drive over the mountains.

The rain threatens with gray skies and no sight of the sun. Are you as tired of the downpours yet, or are you in a section of the country that needs it desperately? KBJ is in San Francisco where the Yosemite wildfire threatens the city with loss of power and water. There is rain all around Northern California and south of the city, but Yosemite remains burning. I wish we could all gather collectively and blow our rain clouds their way. It is a horrible and destructive fire and wildlife suffers more than we know. I pray for the safety of the firefighters as they struggle to contain the fires and protect the Giant Sequoias as well. I shall go about planting yesterdays finds (see here if you missed the Greenhouse post yesterday) in the misty rain, grateful for no wind shears or hurricanes or Derecho weather events. Actually, it has been incredibly rainy this summer, but also kinda eerily calm storm wise for the south. OK, out to plant and take some more photos. First, below a couple more from yesterday of my Milmont finds, all in a tight pile, waiting for me to do some digging.

A new and pretty large garden space that I have not shared yet is looking pretty good, but it needs some plants with movement, and these grasses fit the bill. I bought 6 and they are large enough to split, and on sale at $2 each, that works out to $1 a plant! We be a terrific addition to this new area. Can’t wait to show you, but a bit more to do with an art installation there. I also got two large pots of begonia’s for two hanging planters on the back upper deck. The geraniums didn’t do well this year …….why….yup, the rain.

I am moving day lilies from the front of the house along the drive that don’t bloom because too much shade. They are being moved to the new large garden area mentioned above. In their place will go these two varieties of hosta.


I just came in and showered. I got a few things planted, but it was just too hot and humid for me to do any more. I will get up early tomorrow morning and finish up. What I did plant, photos below.

This ficus, rubber tree, was pretty, shall we say, challenged, when after his Dad died, KBJ moved it to his house and then I brought it here. I pruned and shaped it a little after repotting it, then every year for the last two I have pruned one stem so it branches out.

From the front, it has finally started to fill out a bit. In the winter it comes in the house, but in summer, along the front path to the house it seems a perfect spot for it. See a baby one on the ground to the right?

This is on the opposite side from the photo above. Nice space to add that baby rubber tree and help fill it out even more.

To do this, I carefully used my fingers to loosen the dirt, feeling for the roots and gently moving them aside. It now has a pretty good root system, but I don’t want to repot it this year. I placed the baby tree in the space, and backfilled with some new potting soil for a good starting boost.

I put back a thin layer of mulch all around to replace what I took out. Already looks better balanced from the earlier photo.

The tree has memories attached for KBJ so I watch it carefully, and I think he will be surprised and pleased when he returns from California.

The lovely Cleome is getting planted in the big new garden, but I decided to dig holes and plant tomorrow when I plant the grasses.

So for now I placed them in my Home Goods super, amazing, bargain find pots so the breeze didn’t blow them over and break any branches. I have plans for these pots, and that is for another post.

Looking pretty, but alas, it is temporary.

These iris were a pass along from a friend, and with all this summers rain, the leaves have not died back one iota, and in fact, they have increased in size and number. Will be very pretty in the spring.

I planted the two houseplants, and brought them in the house to place them. On this table in the great room sits one of my favorite pieces of blue and white porcelain, which I have collected for years. The cast iron hands are so graceful and they hold an almost 17 inch blue and white plate.

Here you can see the top. I sometimes put a candle arrangement on it. It has held a small xmas tree, all manner of things.

For now, it will support my new button fern. The light is right, and I like it here for now.

And lastly, my new Jade tree. I have always liked them. I had one for more than 25 years. It was a baby one like the one above that my Dad have given me that was a cutting from his own. It thrived and was huge until it kicked the bucket. It had memories attached for me, so I felt badly for sure. I have always liked them, but I never replaced it until I spotted this one at the greenhouse. Home it came! It sits on the kitchen table now.

Thanks for coming by. I have a couple of construction projects to share, so I hope you will come back. Laters,  charisse



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