Time to Think Cozy

Time to Think Cozy

Although it is now autumn, temperature wise it still does not feel like it is, at least here. It continues to rain almost daily, as it has for most of the summer. So even though I long for cooler days and sunshine, if I look at photos and close my eyes I can almost feel the dryer air, the changing light and trees looking to take a rest and shedding their colorful leaves, which at the moment are still very, very green. So today I want to share a home that surely congers up autumn. I miss NC and in particular trips to Asheville and the areas surrounding it. This home is in the lovely area of Cashiers, about 1 1/2 hours from Asheville. It sits in the Nantahala National Forest. This area is a popular tourist destination and one of the main attractions is the abundance of waterfalls in the region. Although it was photographed in the chilly early mountain spring, the inside invites autumn gatherings.

This is a home I would say is in a classic style. It snuggles into it’s mountain setting.

This view of the Smokey Mountains is from the back deck area of the home.

This is the view that greets you when walking through the front door.

A huge great room that has so much character, and plenty of light. There are heart pine floors throughout.

The larger scale of the interior of the home is not at all apparent from outside the front door. And at no time does it seem too large.

Decorated in neutrals, the fabrics and sisal rug adds plenty of texture. Notice how the ceiling changes from entering the home to the great room.

Another view of the room and the varying ceilings. This aids in bringing the scale of the rooms down to a comfortable feel.

Despite the use of tree trunks and rustic beams, the house is elegant, warm and welcoming don’t you think?

The large opening of the fireplace is in scale to the size of the room, and I am sure casts a warm glow on a chilly autumn or winter day.

The kitchen isn’t large, but is efficient. Two photos above shows the large peninsula that offers additional seating and a large amount of storage. I love windows that fill an entire wall, especially when there are wonderful views out of them.

I like that part of the deck is covered and part exposed. Again the use of tree trunks.

Another angle. Here skylights let in light not only to the covered porch but it will filter to the inside as well. The vistas are very long, and when the leaves are changing I am sure it is spectacular. Adore the outdoor fireplace.

One of the five bedrooms. Shiplap is used liberally throughout the house, common in cottages and lodges.

The wood is continued on the ceiling. Sisal carpet and beautiful textiles and antiques combine to make a classically designed palette.

You have seen enough of this home for me to divulge that this home was built in 1995! Every choice would stand the test of time, except, unfortunately, in the bathrooms, of which there are 5. When I was going through the photos I thought to myself that the picks for the bathrooms did not match the upscale choices made in the rest of the home, except maybe for the tile on the floors. New mirrors (or framing of these), new lights and new counter tops and the bathes and it would be good to go. Then when I saw that this home was a 1995 build the choice all made sense. I won’t show you all the other bathrooms. They also just need a few changes, especially out with the fiberglass tubs!

Another timeless bedroom.

The textured plaster walls which I feel make all the white and cream used perfect for a rustic/elegant home, especially with the use of shiplap. Joanna Gaines is given credit for the vast use of shiplap today, but it has been used for decades and decades in homes designed long ago.

There are few flooring choices that add warmth to a home like heart pine. It is found in homes hundreds of years old. It is hard, wears like iron, and adds so much character.

In this bath, same changes needed as in the first.

The home has a terrace level. As upstairs, wonderful textile choices, the heart pine floors repeat, and cushy sofas from which to enjoy another fireplace.

Off to the left you can catch a glimpse of a small kitchen, perfect for entertaining, or for teenagers or guests to have their own space.

Nice sized wine cellar.

This is the terrace level deck area. Love the chandelier. Here also there is covered and uncovered space.

Here we are back to the front entrance.No overbearing front facade, just a welcoming stone path to a classically designed home. Old can be new again in a most delightful way.

I hope you enjoyed the tour of this wonderful mountain home. I am so ready for autumn, which is by far and away my favorite time of year. With all the rain and quite warm temperatures, there hasn’t been much incentive to do any outdoor decor yet. I have dallies to plant and hydrangeas to transplant but the soil is too wet right now. KBJ brought home from our farmstand some huge and beautiful mum pots, but Hurricane Florence brought so much rain that the flowers just up and turned to mush. Oh well. As always, I appreciate your stopping by. laters, charisse


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I really love the views! Happy fall everyone!
    Charisse, we love your blogs! We are looking forward to seeing your fall decor, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas!
    My heart leaps with joy when I wake up in the morning and see an email from WHG!!!😃😃
    I failed to reply to your 2+2 blog. It was so awesome that I could not find the words to describe the happiness it brought to me at the time. Your dogs are just beautiful! The love that you and Keith give them is so very heartwarming! I love, love, love the video! I have looked at the photos over and over. Robert and I thoroughly enjoyed them. That puppy is so adorable I just want to squeeze him with love! Actually, I just want to squeeze all four of them! There’s nothing like doggies in the home!
    Thank you again for sharing your heart, your photos and your life with all of us!
    You are a gift! ❤️

    • Why thank you Victoria. It was fun sorting thru the photos to put together the 2+2 blog. KBJ takes so many photos of Pogo Elliott I quit counting. He is unfazed by the camera. Graeson however, allows one photo with the flash and after that he puts his head to the ground. We are certainly enjoying the mix of dogs. So glad you and Robert enjoy the posts. I appreciate the comments because it lets me know what the blog readers are enjoying or interesting in. Thanks for taking the time to share your response to the posts.

  2. Love this!

    Thank you!!

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